TWID 03/21/2024

The first PvP sandbox tweaks after the big rework, and a couple extra Into the Light details!


Into the Light Stream #1 Recap

  • The blog recaps the content from the stream, which we cover here. This blog does reveal a few extra details, listed below:
  • ADU batteries heal the ADU, grant scrap, or if the health is already full grant 3x the scrap.
  • Any wave might be a pyramid ship wave.

PvP Sandbox Updates

  • Auto rifles are outperforming the competition in the mid-range, with Precision frames in particular as outliers. This is not just a problem with Prosecutor, but many Precision frames.
    • Precision Auto Rifles: Decreased base damage by 5%
  • Hand Cannons
    • Precisions: Increased base damage by 6%
    • Adaptives: Increased body shot damage by 1%, crit damage by 4%
      • This will give Adaptive Hand Cannons a more forgiving range cushion, and fix an issue where Explosive Payload wouldn't kill in 3 crits against some Resilience levels.
  • Pulse Rifles
    • Rapid Fires: Increased body shot damage by 3.5%, crit damage by 1%
    • Lightweights: Increased body shot damage by 6%, crit damage by 3%
    • Adaptives: Increased body shot damage by 5%, crit damage be 2%
  • Scout Rifles
    • Rapid-Fires: Increased base damage by 2%
  • Bows
    • Lightweights: Increased base damage by 6% (Wish-Ender and Le Monarque are not affected by this change)
  • Exotic weapons
    • Sunshot: Increased critical hit damage against players by 11% to allow for 3 crit kills
    • The Last Word: Increased base damage by 6% to allow for 3 crit kills
  • General changes
    • With increased resiliance to critical hits, being flinched off target when using Primary weapons feels especially punishing.
      • Reduced flinch taken by all Primary weapons by 15%


  • They fixed an issue with Passage of Persistence becoming flawed if the player loses at 0 wins.
  • The Ghostbusters cosmetic collaboration is now live in Eververse
    • If you purchase something from the Bungie Store by April 1st, you will have a Slimer Ghost Shell papercraft included in your order for free
  • Hunters are winning guardian games
    • See more info about Guardian Games and the Guardian Games cup in the original blog post here.


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