Bungie, Pls

This site was created to make a comprehensive, indepth, and accessible source of Destiny 2 news. We want to make it easy to stay up to date on all of the little details about incoming or released content. In our experience, this information tends to mostly be spread through word of mouth, or many individuals within different communities duplicating the effort. This site is the effort of a few passionate players to read through Bungie blogs, comb through videos frame-by-frame, and dig through new patches in-game as well as through API, and present it as concisely as possible while not leaving anything out.

Bungie Pls is developed by the team behind Where The Fuck is Xur, along with several additional contributors. If you have any feedback, or just want to say hi, talk to us at our Twitter account or our Discord.

With love, the WTFIX team. ❤️