Into the Light Stream 1

Preview of the new Onslaught activity



  • 3 player wave defense activity
  • Maps include a modified version of the Midtown map, as well as "a few other locations"
  • Enemy races depend on the map, Midtown is Hive and Fallen, Taken show up on other maps
  • Witness' forces are trying to keep us pinned down in Sol, prevent us from entering the heart
  • Defend the "ADU" (advanced defense unit), a structure with a health bar. If the health runs out, the activity is over.
  • When enemies are killed, they give "Scrap". Scrap is distributed to each player equally, but each player has their own wallet to spend from.
  • ADU lets you build defenses, and upgrade them up to two times with Scrap.
    • Turrets
    • Tripwires
    • Decoys (sweeper bots)
  • Some enemies drop "ADU batteries", which can be thrown at the ADU within 30 seconds to heal it.
  • There's two variants, a normal mode and a "challenge" mode. Normal mode has 10 waves, challenge mode goes up to 50.
    • Challenge mode has an additional difficulty tier, which will bring enemies up to GM difficulty, and apply Extinguish (team wipes send you to orbit)
    • The normal mode is matchmade, potentially one or both of the challenge mode difficulties will be as well.
  • Waves are in sets of 10, with subgroups of 5. After 5 waves, you teleport to a pyramid ship and complete a small encounter. After 10 waves you teleport to the ship and kill a boss, get some loot, the ADU moves to a new part of the map, and the difficulty goes up.
    • The boss will have a randomly selected augment to help you kill the boss faster. The boss doesn't have immunity phases, but will be hard to kill without doing the augments.
    • You get one chest normally, two chests at later waves of the challenge base difficulty, and two chests much earlier in the challenge GM difficulty.
    • Every few waves you are given a 30 second buy phase, which is the only time when you're allowed to purchase and upgrade defenses.
  • Defenses stay active where they were even after the ADU moves.
  • Certain waves will have "Augments", like "Skybombers", "Demolitionists".
    • "Skybombers", spawns yellow health enemies around the map further away from the ADU.
    • "Demolitionists", large tanky bosses spawn to attack the ADU.
    • "Spike Mines", fallen mines spawn away from the ADU and must be defused.
    • "Tormentor", spawns one giant tormentor near the ADU.
  • Certain waves have a secondary objective like a speed constraint, completing it will grant an ammo crate.


  • Midnight Coup with Kinetic Tremors and Firefly, and a Hung Jury SR4 reissue spotted
    • Origin trait is "Indomitability"
  • Shaxx will be the vendor
    • vendor levels are called "Hype"
    • Vendor currency is called "Trophy of Bravery"
  • There will be a new social space


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