The Final Shape Weapon Tuning Preview

So, so, so many buffs


Weapon Archetypes

  • All "Spec" mods (Boss, Taken, Minor, Major, Adept Big Ones) are being removed
  • Exotic Primaries and Exotic Trace Rifles (except Fighting Lion) are having their minor enemy damage buff reduced 40% -> 30%
  • The damage buff that kinetic weapons receive is being removed from damage against bosses. Now a kinetic and stasis weapon with the same archetype will do the same damage to boss enemies specifically.

Base PvE Damage Buffs

  • Pulse Rifles: 20%
    • Exceptions: Graviton Lance and Revision Zero's Heavy Burst mode
  • Pellet Shotguns: 10%
    • Exceptions: Legend of Acrius, Tractor Cannon, Conditional Finality, The Fourth Horseman
  • Slug Shotguns: 9%
  • Fusion Rifles: 7%
    • Exception: One Thousand Voices
  • Sniper Rifles: 7%
    • Exceptions: Izanagi's Burden's Honed Edge shots and Cloudstrike's storm
  • Glaive projectiles: 7%
  • Linear Fusion Rifles: 5%

Increased Damage vs Red Bars

  • Sidearms, Trace Rifles, Scout Rifles, Bows: 20%
  • Auto Rifles and Pulse Rifles: 15%
    • This Pulse Rifle buff stacks with the above, making them deal 38% more damage to red bars vs currently.
    • This buff does apply to Graviton Lance and Revision Zero's Heavy Burst mode
  • Submachine Guns: 10%
  • Hand Cannons: 5%

Quality of Life

  • All intrinsic frame names for burst weapons have been normalized:
    • Heavy Burst: 2 burst weapons, including Sidearms, Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles
    • Adaptive Burst: 3 burst weapons, including Sidearms, Linear Fusion Rifles, and Adaptive Pulse Rifles
    • Aggressive Burst: 4 burst weapons, just Pulse Rifles.
  • Removed foundry names from Viest Rapid-Fire, Hakke Precision, and Omolon Adaptive weapon frames.
  • Improved scout rifle hip fire reticle to better show accuracy and aim assist state
  • Crimil's Dagger and Something New are both returning in The Final Shape, but have lower stats than the best Aggressives, so they are getting stat buffs
    • Crimil's Dagger
      • Stability: 23 -> 31
      • Handling: 23 -> 31
      • Magazine Size: 8 -> 9
      • Airborne Effectiveness: 10 -> 21
    • Something New (Solstice)
      • Stability: 27 -> 30
      • Handling: 24 -> 30
      • Magazine Size: 8 -> 9
  • Minimum sniper ammo reserves buffed 14 -> 17, maximum reserves unchanged.
  • Adaptive Burst Linear Fusion Rifles are strong but very hard to control, so they are reducing the animation kick and recoil for the archetype.
  • Blast Radius on Wave Frame Grenade Launchers did not actually have an effect on the weapon, so now it will affect the size of the wave, mostly in width, but length and height is also affected:
    • The previous Blast Radius value at 100 will now be shown as 50, with potential to go higher and lower.
    • All special wave frame grenade launchers (except Dead Messenger) are having their wave length reduced 22m -> 15m.
  • The sword reticle now better indicated its charge state. Additionally, when energy is consumed, the delay before recharge begins is now shown in the reticle.
    • Various bug fixes for swords are also being made, including: Overwhelming Battlesong sometimes preventing swords from recharging or using energy while guarding, unpowered caster sword heavy attacks not resetting charge delay, and uncharged adaptive sword attacks costing the same ammo as their charged versions (now unpowered heavy attacks cost 1 ammo)


  • Increased Trace Rifles' damage versus orange bar enemies: 20%
  • Increased global damage (PvE and PvP) of Machine Guns and Swords: 7%
  • Reduced splash damage of Sunshot, Trinity Ghoul, Polaris Lance, Graviton Lance: 10%


  • Divinity has too high an uptime currently, so they are increasing the number of shots needed to generate the crit bubble by 75% in PvE. This will also make it harder to use against bosses that move around a lot, where it's hard to keep the beam on the boss consistently.
  • Rat King's firing animation is hard to use at high rate of fire, so it's being swapped out for the animation used by other automatic sidearms.
  • Fixed an issue where Devil's Ruin's firing animation could be applied to other sidearms by swapping weapons at a specific time.
  • Symmetry's catalyst now provides +10 reload speed, +10 handling, and Eddy Current, in addition to its existing effects.
  • Gjallarhorn's Wolfpack Rounds always looked like Arc projectiles regardless of the element of the legendary rocket being used. Now those Wolfpack Rounds will be themed to the element of the legendary rocket that spawned them.
  • Touch of Malice's burn from the Darkness Ball didn't last long enough in PvE, so the duration is extended from 2s -> 3.5s
  • Osteo Striga made it too easy to spread poison across a whole arena from a couple of kills, so they are adding a 4 second cooldown to the poison burst from kills (the burst from sustained damage doesn't receive this cooldown).
  • Nechrocasm wasn't as strong at add clear as they wanted, so the following changes are being made:
    • The intrinsic perk now provides reload speed after precision kills
    • The burn applied by the Cursed Thrall explosion is extended from 2s -> 3.5s
    • The catalyst now applies a new perk, One for Thrall: Damaging 3 combatants in quick succession provides a period of increased damage, range, and aim assist.
  • Lament's damage is roughly equivalent to other swords, but the healing removed an intended downside of sword damage, and the heavy attack was too strong:
    • Reduced healing effect by 20%
    • This weapon does receive the 7% buff to swords, but is also having the damage of the high end of the chained heavy attack nerfed by 20%. Combos at lower stacks are less effected.
  • Dead Man's Tale isn't langing the fantasy as well as they'd like, and favors mouse and keyboard over controller, so they're making a slew of changes:
    • Cranial Spike stacks now grant stability, and more reload speed, in addition to the aim assist and range already given.
    • When hipfiring with the catalyst, accuracy benefits are slightly reduced, magnetism falloff is increased (1.6 -> 1.7), baseline fire rate is increased (130rpm -> 140rpm), and deals 15% more damage in PvE and PvP when at max stacks (although the previous PvE only buff to damage based on Cranial Spike stacks has been removed)
  • Colony now spawns additional robots on final blows, more robots (up to 5) spawn from tougher combatants.
  • Truth has fallen behind other rockets mostly due to lackluster damage, so they are increasing the AoE damage, and increasing the total reserves by 3.
  • The Queenbreaker's damage it outpased by Linear Fusion Rifles, so they are increasing the damage against bosses, minibosses, Champions, and vehicles by 12%, and buffing reserves by 3.
  • Cerberus+1's catalyst's strength was limited due to being always available, so now the catalyst can only be activated folowwing a kill, and no longer reduces range or rpm.
  • Bastion has too much competition with fusion rifles in the kinetic slot, so they are leaning into Saint-14's playstyle by making melee damage increase charge rate, damage, and reload speed by a short duration. Additionally, landing a majority of pellets in a burst increases melee damage.
  • Eriana's Vow has fallen behind other anti-barrier special weapons, since it's a solar weapon they are buffing it such that breaking a matched shield or piercing a champion's barrier will trigger an ignition.
  • Deterministic Chaos doesn't have a clear niche, so they're giving it intrinsic anti-barrier, and making every 4th shot apply volatile, and every 16th shot weapon.
  • Weapons that can change elements with special reload (Borealis, Hard Light, Dead Messenger) now retain the previously selected element after a respawn.


  • Alacrity is intended to work in solo activities, but having 100% uptime in Rumble was too much, so it no longer works there
  • Archer's Gambit has been nerfed so it can be used on legendary weapons, by reducing the draw time buff 66% -> 60%, and reducing the buff duration from 8s -> 4s (but it can be stacked up to 8s)
  • Grave Robber is underperforming, so now it will activate on dealing damage with a powered melee, in addition to standard melee kills
  • Chain Reaction is too strong on special ammo weapons, so on those weapons the AoE will be reduced by 15%, and deal 20% less damage. Conversely, on heavy weapons it will have the same AoE as before, but deal 30% more damage.
  • Eddy Current is a bit slow to activate, and the bonus wasn't strong enough, so now it activates in 1.5 seconds of sprinting (down from 3s), gives a bonus to handling and a 5% buff to all stats at base, and being amplified will immediately activate the perk.
  • Underdog was deprecated a while ago, so they are swapping out any instances of it on older weapons with Pulse Monitor.
  • Osmosis and Permeability no longer disappear when pulling out a ghost or similar, and now partially refill a weapon's magazine on activation
  • Chill Clip's previous nerf hurt slow fire rate weapons disproportionately, leaving rapid fire fusions as the best option. Now the amount of stacks applied varies depending on the weapon, rapid fire fusions need 3 shots to freeze but all other weapon archetypes only need 2
  • High Ground wasn't delivering on the concept well enough, so now at base it will act as a stacking damage buff on kills (like rampage), which instantly gets bumped to max stacks when damaging an enemy from high ground. Additionally, the max buff has been increased to 25% in PvE and 15% in PvP.
  • Killing Tally on the original 21% Delirium has been updated to match the version found on random-rolled weapons
  • Osmosis and Tessellation have been changed to match the damage type of your equipped grenade.
  • Permeability and Elemental Capacitor now match the damage type of your equipped super.
  • Deconstruct now refills from reserves instead of thin air, and should trigger more reliably.

The Future

  • Going forward, PvP specific tuning will be done across all of PvP, instead of per game mode. This will let them make more specific changes, e.g. targeting weapon subfamilies.
  • They have big systems changes they're working on for a future release, including redesigns of PvP and PvE ammo economies, introducing more player choice into weapon mods, and more new weapon types.
  • Next Wednesday will be a blog post talking about ability and exotic armor changes.


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