TWID 10/26/2023

Short but very sweet!


Vault From Orbit

  • Starting in Season 23, players will be able to access their vault directly from orbit.
  • They're exploring additional areas to give more freedom to accessing the vault in-game for potential future releases as well.

Ghost Mod Energy Changes

  • Many ghost mods are having their energy costs dropped:
    • Combo Detector: 5 -> 1
    • Wombo Detector: 6 -> 2
    • All Armorer Mods: (4-2) -> 2 across the board
    • Core Harvest: 4 -> 1
    • Prism Harvest: 6 -> 3
    • Modularity: 4 -> 3
    • Prosperity: Unchanged (3)
  • Most ghost mod setups should now be able to have a ghost mod in every slot.
  • They'll look at what ghost mod loadouts people end up using in the season, and use that info to plan further tweaks down the line.

Rahool Cost Updates

  • The glimmer cost for Enhancement Prisms is down 10,000 -> 2,500. The 10 Enhancement Core cost is unchanged.
  • The Glimmer cost for Ascendant Shards is down 50,000 -> 10,000, now matching the glimmer cost of Ascendant Alloys. The 10 Enhancement Prism cost for both is unchanged.
  • There is a new purchase option to turn 1 Enhancement Prism into 5 Enhancement Cores, at the cost of 2,500 glimmer.
  • All of the above purchases are still limited to 3 a week.

Security Team PSA

  • It's becoming increasingly obvious the relationship between account recovery services and cheating. Many people offering such services will use cheats on the recovered account in order to achieve the purchased service, leading to the account being banned soon after the service is completed.
  • There is also a clear pattern of sellers reselling account credentials, leading to accounts being stolen after utilizing a recov service.
  • The security team encourages avoiding these services at all cost, as they are disallowed in the first place, but also likely will lead to your account getting banned for cheating, or resold and stolen.


  • Bungie will now be rebroadcasting game information in translated languages on all their international social media channels. Due to the time it takes to properly translate, these broadcasts will be at a delay vs their English counterparts. See below for the list of available social account you can follow to receive this translated information.
  • Remember to claim your event card items before the event goes away at the weekly reset of November 7.
  • Check out the blog post (linked a bit below) to see all the in-game fashion, pumpkins, and mask customizations people have been making in celebration of Festival of the Lost!


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