TWID 10/19/2023

More sparrow speed details, and a buncha other miscellaneous stuff


Festival of the Lost Cont.

  • The voted armor sets are now in Eververse, with spiders for Hunter and Titan, and beetles for Warlock.
  • Legend Haunted Sectors are new this year, and are more challenging but still matchmade. Legend tier has a higher chance to drop an Exotic as a completion reward.
  • They're launching several contests, including a haunted cosplay contest (post to social media with #ThreadsOfFright), a pumpkin carving contest (probably post with the same hashtag), and a contest to personalize the Eris Morn mask from the provided template and instructions, submission should be posted to social media with #HiveErisMask.
    • Winners will receive the art of the week or movie of the week emblem as appropriate, as well as an exclusive halloween emblem shown below. Halloween contest emblem

Sparrow Speed Updates

  • Starting Season 23, all sparrows will have two speed modes to choose from, a faster 190 speed mode matching AoT, and a mode matching the handling and speed of 160 sparrows. 190 speed should be the default selection.
  • All sparrows are also receiving increased health to match AoT's higher health pool.
  • AoT is retaining some benefits, including slightly improved fuel economy, slightly reduced enemy aggression, and slightly better side to side boosting.

Weapons Rotating Out

  • Buzzard's last week in the Nightfall rotation before removal next season is 10/17, this week.
  • The Swarm's last week in the Nightfall rotation will be 10/24.
  • The Immortal's last week in the Trials rotation will be 10/24.
  • Astral Horizon's last week in the Trials rotation will be 11/7.


  • Checkmate Rumble is currently in the crucible labs. Next week, it will cycle back to Checkmate Control for 3 weeks, then switch to Checkmate Survival for the rest of the season.
  • Bungie has implemented the fix for the contest mode challenge triumph bug that prevented some people for receiving credit for their Crota kill. All affected players should now be able to claim their emblem.
  • New Prime gaming cosmetics are available here, and shown below. Prime gaming cosmetics October


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