TWID 09/28/2023

Checkmate mode tweaks, gunsmith foundry focusing, and that's pretty much it!


New Ritual Weapons

  • This week there is a new Nightfall bow to earn, link to the perks and stats here
  • This weekend there will also be a new Trials Heavy GL to earn, link to the perks and stats here.

Checkmate Tweaks

  • For initial release, they wanted to make sure that mid range weapons could still compete, because with much less special ammo present, close and long range weapons with very low TTK would likely dominate.
  • After seeing how the mode played after release, they feel comfortable making some tweaks to buff SMGs and Scouts slightly, and nerfing HCs who benefited from the bumps to mid-range weapons the most. These changes will be coming next week.
  • Changes to damage penalties (e.g. 10% means the gun does 10% less damage than normal):
    • Devil's Ruin laser beam: 10% -> 15%
    • Fighting Lion: 0% -> 20%
    • Bows: 0% -> 10%
    • Sidearms: 10% -> 5%
    • Submachine Guns: 5% -> 0%
    • Scout Rifles: 10% -> 9%
  • Changes to damage bonuses (e.g. 10% means the gun does 10% more damage than normal)
    • Auto Rifles: 0% -> 2%
    • Pulse Rifles: 0% -> 5%
    • Hand Cannons: 10% -> 7%
    • Fix an issue where Vex Mythoclast benefited from the bonus damage granted to Fusion Rifles.

Gunsmith Focusing

  • Replacing Banshee's current selection of random legendary weapons will be gunsmith weapon focusing for foundry weapons.
  • Every day, Banshee will have two foundries available to focus, and at reset the older of the two foundries will rotate out and be replaced for a new one.
    • Day 1: Omolon and Suros. Day 2: Suros and Hakke. Day 3: Hakke and Veist. Day 4: Veist and Omolon. Repeat.
    • This rotation will update as more foundries are added over time
  • Focusing will cost 3 gunsmith engrams and 5000 glimmer
  • Gunsmith engrams will be earned via Gunsmith rankups, but will also drop from Lost Sector completions (20% chance for normal clears, 40% for a solo legend clear, 60% for a solo master clear), as well as free-roam chests (20% chance).
  • Foundry weapons released from Season 16 through Season 19 will be removed from the world drop pool and placed exclusively in gunsmith focusing.
  • In Season 24, they will do the same for foundry weapons released in Season 20, with an additional category for "Field-Forged weapons", which is a group of weapons with a unique origin trait similar to a foundry that was released in Lightfall.
  • Additionally, the following weapons will be removed from the world drop pool, and now will occasionally be sold by Xur.
    • Contingency Plan
    • Legal Action II
    • The Number
    • Memory Interdict
    • Pleiades Corrector
    • The Deicide
    • The Vision
    • Stochastic Variable
  • Below is a list of all the foundries that will be available from Banshee next season, and the weapons available within those foundries for focusing.
  • Suros:
    • Cantata-57
    • Syncopation-53
    • Fugue-55
    • Staccato-46
    • Pizzicato-22
    • Fioritura-59
  • Hakke
    • Palmyra-B
    • Perses-D
    • Ragnhild-D
    • Enyo-D
    • Boudica-C
    • Lodbrok-C
  • Veist
    • Krait
    • Redback-5si
    • Funnelweb
    • Lunulata-4b
    • Taipan-4fr
    • Jararaca-3sr
  • Omolon
    • Snorri FR5
    • Typhon GL5
    • Ogma PR6
    • Gallu RR3
    • Ammit AR2
    • Aurvandil FR6


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