TWID 09/14/2023

RIP legendary shards


Legendary Shards

  • There is a significant wealth disparity with legendary shards, where players either have a little or more than they will ever use.
    • This is made worse by exploits that pop up occasionally in the game that allow for players to farm legendary shards extremely fast before Bungie can patch then.
  • Because of this disparity, and their general goal of reducing the amount of currencies in the game, they will be removing shards from the game.
  • Starting in Season 23, many vendors will have their legendary shard costs removed. For engram focusing in particular, the glimmer costs will be raised to compensate.
    • Focusing new ritual weapons: 1 engram
    • Focusing standard pool weapons/armor: 3 engrams and 5000 glimmer
    • Focusing legacy weapons/armor: 5 engrams and 15000 glimmer
    • Iron Banner, Nightfall weapons, and Trials weapons: 5 engrams and 25000 glimmer
    • Adept Nightfall and Trials weapons: 1 engram, 50,000 glimmer, and 10 nightfall ciphers or a 7-win trials passage respectively.
  • In The Final Shape, shards will cease to drop at all, and will be completely removed from the game. There will not be a currency exchange for them.
  • To compensate for the removal of shards from weapon dismantling, they are boosting the glimmer rewards for dismantling many pieces of gear:
    • Rare weapons: 75 glimmer
    • Legendary weapons/armor: 1000 glimmer, 25% chance at an enhancement core, 10 gunsmith reputation
    • Exotic weapons/armor: 2000 glimmer, 60% chance at an enhancement core, 20 gunsmith reputation
    • Legendary ghosts: 1000 glimmer
    • Exotic ghosts: 1500 glimmer
    • Ships/sparrows: all costs to purchase and rewards for dismantling will be removed.
  • Xur will be seeing a new currency (likely strange coins, as previously hinted) as a cost for his wares to replace legendary shards.

Crota's End Stats and Tweaks

  • 525,376 players attempted Crota's End during contest mode. 248,041 completed the Abyss encounter, 145,207 completed the Bridge, 78,742 killed Ir Yut, and 37,720 killed Crota.
  • A total of 3,985,517 hours were spent in the raid across all players, and there were 53,122,289 deaths.
  • To address feedback, they are buffing Essence of the Oversoul drops. They are giving an additional guaranteed drop each week (currently one drops on any Crota kill, they are adding an additional drop for clearing every encounter). They are also buffing the drop rate of Essences after getting the guaranteed drops, so it will be easier to farm.
  • They're also adding a chance to get a stroke of luck and have all of the essence required for both the quest and the catalyst drop at once for any full clear of the raid.
  • The encounter challenge rotation will start on the 19th, next Tuesday.

PvP Updates

  • The Dreaming City map Citadel will be brought back in Season 23.
  • They will also be tuning spawn locations for Altar of Flames, Cauldron, Anomaly, and Dead Cliffs
  • They're also adding Strand-related crucible medals next season.

New Iron Banner Mode

  • A new Iron Banner mode called Tribute will go live in Season 23.
  • Tribute is Supremacy based, where players need to deposit crests at "tribute stations" to earn points.
  • Banking many crests at once will start the "hunt" and spawn a single special tribute station which gives increased value for the crests. This special station will be guarded by cabal enemies.

Sandbox Changes

Coming later this season

  • Anteaus Wards will now require full class ability energy to reflect damage, and reflecting damage will deplete class ability energy
  • Young Ahamkara's Spine will now only grant energy on final blows instead of damage

Coming Season 23

  • SMGs will receive a global news to recoil to make stability a more valuable stat
  • Sniper Rifles will receive a body shot nerf in Crucible. This nerf will be offset in PvE by the buffs coming to Sniper Rifles specifically for PvE.
  • Fusion Rifles will have a quicker damage falloff at long ranges, and will receive a nerf to the Kickstart perk's damage bonus
  • Sniper Rifles and Slug Shotguns will have their airborne accuracy buffed to be equivalent to pre-AE icarus at base values.
  • Peregrine Greaves will now only grant bonus shoulder charge damage after being aiborne for a short time. This is to make it more clear to other players that the player using the exotic is preparing to activate it.
    • They are also buffing their damage in PvE, and will refund your melee charge when used against champions, tormentors, and mini-bosses.
  • Synthoceps will no longer receive extra lunge range, but will now get improved weapon handling and reload speed, and better damage buffs to glaive melee damage.
  • Additionally, more exotic armor tweaks are coming in Season 23.


  • Checkmate will be in Crucible Labs starting September 19, where it will be tested as applied to many other modes including Control, Survival, and Rumble.
  • Players get a small increase to health to increase TTK.
  • Passive generation of abilities is reduced by 50%, and supers by 40%.
  • Players no longer spawn with special ammo, and instead earn it by generating points (earned from kills, assists, deaths, zone captures, and claiming heavy ammo). Special ammo also no longer drops on death.

Trials Win Drops

  • On any Trials match win, there's a chance that any of the Trials weapons currently in the pool will drop.


  • They are currently working on preparing a fix for those who killed Crota in the Challenge mode but did not receive credit on the triumph. They are currently working on implementing changes that will allow them to manually give the objective out to those who earned it, but will need several more weeks before they are ready.


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