TWID 08/17/2023

A short little wrap up of the season, with a new showcase teaser, and a new fundraiser for Hawaii


Season 22 Dev Preview Roundup

Showcase Teaser Trailer

  • Earlier today Bungie released a teaser trailer for the showcase, seeming to show a Guardian successfully entering the Traveler portal.

Special Deliveries Kiosk

  • A new kiosk is being added to the tower near Rahool and Banshee-44
  • This will be used to deliver rewards from things like Bungie Foundation incentives, Twitch Drops, Bungie Rewards, Digital Deluxe and Collector's Edition loot, Secret Stash items, preorder bonuses, and more.

Hawaii Wildfire Support

  • The Bungie Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign for the recent devastating wildfires in Hawaii.
  • They're releasing a shirt designed by members of Asians@Bungie as well as an artist local to O'ahu, and emblem available to purchase (both shown below) where all proceeds go to relief efforts. Hawaii Shirt and Emblem

Regional Pricing Update

  • On August 22, they will be making routine territory-specific price adjustments due to fluctuation in foreign exchange rates. They usually do these each year to account for changing economic conditions.
  • USD prices will not be affected, but other currencies (including ARS, INR, KWD, KZT, PHP, TRY, VND, and others) will see increases or decreases of varying degrees in pricing of Silver, catelog expansions, and new expansions sales.
  • The goal is to ensure pricing is fair across all territories.

Showcase Twitch Drops

  • By linking your Twitch account with your Bungie account (see here for help), and by watching at least 30 minutes of the showcase in the window of 9AM to 11:30AM PT, you'll receive the new emblem The Silhouette, shown below. The Silhouette emblem


  • Maintenance for patch 7.2.0 will begin at 6AM PT on the 22nd, with downtime beginning at 7:15AM PT, and the game coming back online at 10AM PT.
  • Rep gains are enabled across all activities for the week, given it's the last week of the season.
  • There are deadlines for multiple Bungie Rewards associated with Season of the Deep that are set to August 22, so make sure to check those out if you are interested.
  • Bungie has put out a call for people to message them on their social channels with their favorite memories of Cayde-6, to celebrate his return to the game in The Final Shape.
  • Bungie reminds players to claim all engrams and other rewards from vendors before the new season begins, and also to claim any unclaimed rewards from the Season of Defiance season pass before it is gone on the 22nd.


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