TWID 07/06/2023

Bungie Day, with some insight into how they balance weapons


Fishing Derbies

  • They're holding 5 separate competitions for fishing on Bungie day at the following times for one hour each: 2AM PST, 6AM PST, 10AM PST, 2PM PST, 6PM PST.
  • The person who catches the most fish during that hour will be featured in next week's TWID, and receive a few in game cosmetics.
  • One person can only win one derby, if they are the highest scorer for a second or further time, the win will be given to the next highest scoring person who hasn't won a derby yet.
  • The scores for each fish are as follows: Junk is 0, Uncommon is 1, Rare is 2, Legendary is 5, Exotic is 20.

How does Bungie balance weapons?

  • Bungie uses a mix of personal experience, playtest feedback, community sentiment, and usage and effectiveness when deciding how to handle a weapon that is under or over performing.
  • They look at 5 main stats to try and identify how a weapon is performing
    • Usage: What percent of total time in Crucible games do players have this weapon equipped?
    • Kills: What percent of all weapon kills in Crucible come from this weapon?
    • Win Rate: Do players who have this weapon equipped win their games at a higher rate than players with other weapons equipped?
    • Kills Per Minute: How many kills do players with this weapon equipped get in a minute of gametime compared to other options?
    • Kills Over Expected: Given the above data, and filtering for things like player skill, game mode, subclass, ammo type, date range, controller input method, weapon slot, etc. is a specific weapon or type of weapon getting more or fewer kills than would be expected?
  • They look at all the above stats, but focus mainly on Kills Over Expected (KOE) as it blends all of the data into one easily understood percentage.
  • Low usage weapons can have a heavily variable KOE, but high usage weapons tend to see KOE normalize.
  • The following chart shows usage on the x axis, and KOE on the y axis, for primary weapons in high-skill PvP lobbies across platforms and input types.

KOE chart

  • In this, you can see that The Messenger (Adept), No Time to Explain, Graviton Lance, and The Immortal (Adept) are all slightly elevated over where they'd like them to be for current usage levels compared to weapons to the left.
  • As an example, in Season 19, Dead Man's Tale was at 60% KOE with 4.5% usage, leading them to issue a hotfix and bring it more in line with expectations.

Witherhoard Community Skin

  • The community will be able to vote on a new community designed skin for Witherhoard. Preview the skins available in the following image:

Witherhoard community skins

  • The poll will be sent out via email, or use this link when it goes like tomorrow at 1PM.


  • Iron Banner is active this week
  • There are fish pins available to purchase here from the Bungie Store for anyone who has completed the Exotic Angler triumph.


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