TWID 06/08/2023

What the hell is a TWID???


TWAB is now TWID

  • Because Bungie is expanding into multiple games, "This Week At Bungie" will now become solely focused on destiny, with the name changing to "This Week In Destiny" to match.

Community Fashion Contest

  • Create a fashion set of armor that "expresses what Seasons of the Deep is all about with just five pieces of armor", and post it to social media with the #DrownInTheDrip hashtag for a chance to be chosen and receive the new Prêt-à-porter (shown below) Prêt-à-porter emblem

Patch Fixes

  • Patch will be coming next Tuesday, June 13
  • Hawthorne's weekly Last Wish focusing will no longer award 2x deepsight progress. You will be limited to one random deepsight progress from the quest, and one selected deepsight focus per week.
  • Vesper of Radius will be reenabled, with the larger explosions bug fixed.
  • Sunbracers will have their extended solar grenade duration restored.
  • The exploits around Khepri's Horn will be fixed, and the armor will be re-enabled.
  • They've fixed the issue where certain grenades could go through barricades or Wards of Dawn.
  • Collective Action will be tuned down in PvP (20% -> 10%).
  • Mercurial Overreach will be given a bigger reticle when scoping.
  • More patch notes will be available when the patch goes like on June 13.
  • Some UI pricing elements in Eververse will be disabled, note that the displayed price will be the correct one.


  • The weekly grandmaster difficulty will go live next Tuesday, June 13. Note that the "gilding node" will not be available until Week 7, July 3rd.
  • Next week will be The Lightblade, awarding Wendigo GL3.
  • Supremacy will enter the Relentless Rotator rotation starting next week.
  • Advanced Decryption has been disabled, as it was giving incorrect exotic armor.


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