TWID 05/09/2024

All the info on the new Exotic class items, as well as some campaigns going free to play, and a big bundle to buy everything in the game!


Exotic Class Items

  • The Exotic class items that only work with Prismatic will drop from an activity that will launch at the start of week 2 (after the raid's world first race). The activity will be farmable, and you will get a random roll of the exotic class item every time you run it.
  • The perks on these class items will be borrowed from a selection of other exotics. Most of these perks have been reduced or simplified vs their normal counterparts. Some have also been adjusted to work with a wider range of abilities or effects.
  • If a perk has the same effect as the normal exotic armor, it's likely that either the normal exotic armor is getting buffed in The Final Shape, or the class item perk has been tuned down.
    • For example, Armamentarium and Sixth Coyote will both be tuned to create Orbs of Light from your grenade and dodge respectively.
  • There are a selection of 6 perks, 2 from each class, that are available on every classes' exotic class item. Those perks are:
    • Column 1
      • Spirit of the Assassin (Assassin's Cowl, Hunter): Finishers and powered melee final blows grant invisibility.
      • Spirit of the Inmost Light (Heart of Inmost Light, Titan): Using an ability empowers the other two abilities granting them improved energy regeneration.
      • Spirit of the Ophidian (Ophidian Aspect, Warlock): Weapons ready very quickly.
    • Column 2
      • Spirit of the Star-Eater (Star-Eater Scales, Hunter): While your Super energy is full, picking up an Orb of Power overcharges your Super, granting it bonus damage.
      • Spirit of the Synthoceps (Synthoceps, Titan): Improved melee damage when you're surrounded.
      • Spirit of Verity (Verity's Brow, Warlock): Weapon final blows with a damage type matching your grenade grant a stacking grenade damage bonus.
  • The rest of the perks available are from exotic armor that belong to the class the class item drops for. The perks above are the only perks that are shared between classes.
    • Hunter (Essentialism)
      • Column 1
        • Shared column 1 perks
        • Spirit of the Dragon (Dragon's Shadow): Using your class ability reloads all weapons and increases weapon handling speeds for a brief time.
        • Spirit of Galanor (Shards of Galanor): Hits and final blows with your Super will return Super energy after it ends.
        • Spirit of the Foetracer (Foetracer): Damaging a powerful combatant or Guardian with an ability grants you a temporary damage bonus for weapons matching that ability's element.
        • Spirit of Caliban (Caliban's Hand): Powered melee final blows trigger an ignition.
        • Spirit of Renewal (Renewal Grasps): Allies inside the Duskfield take reduced damage, and targets inside the area deal reduced damage.
      • Column 2
        • Shared column 2 perks
        • Spirit of the Cyrtarachne (Cyrtarachne's Facade): Gain Woven Mail when you use your grenade.
        • Spirit of the Gyrfalcon (Gyrfalcon's Hauberk): Your Void weapons gain Volatile Rounds after you emerge from being invisible.
        • Spirit of the Liar (Liar's Handshake): Dealing damage with a powered melee or being hit by a melee attack will allow you to follow up with an extremely powerful melee counterpunch.
        • Spirit of the Wormhusk (Wormhusk Crown): Dodging gives a small health and shield bump.
        • Spirit of the Coyote (Sixth Coyote): Gain an additional class ability charge.
    • Titan (Stoicism)
      • Column 1
        • Shared column 1 perks
        • Spirit of Severance (Severance Enclosure): Powered melee or finisher final blows unleash a damaging explosion.
        • Spirit of Hoarfrost (Hoarfrost-Z): Your Barricade becomes a wall of Stasis crystals that slows nearby targets when created.
        • Spirit of the Eternal Warrior (Eternal Warrior): Gain a damage bonus for weapons matching your Super's element when your Super ends.
        • Spirit of the Abeyant (Abeyant Leap): Improves Drengr’s Lash. Drengr’s Lash projectiles track targets more aggressively and travel further.
        • Spirit of the Bear (Ursa Furiosa): Move faster while guarding with the Unbreakable shield. Damage blocked with Unbreakable is converted to Super energy.
      • Column 2
        • Shared column 2 perks
        • Spirit of Contact (Point Contact Cannon Brace): Damaging a target with a powered melee causes all nearby enemies to suffer lightning strikes and become jolted.
        • Spirit of Scars (Precious Scars): Final blows with weapons that have a damage type matching your Super's element create a burst of healing around you that grants allies restoration.
        • Spirit of the Horn (Khepri's Horn): Your Barricade unleashes a blast of Solar energy that scorches targets.
        • Spirit of Alpha Lupi (Crest of Alpha Lupi): Generates a healing pulse when Barricade is activated.
        • Spirit of the Armamentarium (Armamentarium): Gain an additional grenade charge.
    • Warlock (Solipsism)
      • Column 1
        • Shared column 1 perks
        • Spirit of the Stag (The Stag): Your Rift provides damage reduction to allied Guardians standing in it.
        • Spirit of the Filaments (Secant Filaments): Casting an empowering rift will grant you Devour.
        • Spirit of the Necrotic (Necrotic Grip): Damaging combatants with your melee poisons them. Defeating a poisoned enemy spreads the condition.
          • Since this effect seems to be the same as the normal exotic, and it's unlikely that they are going to buff Necrotic Grip, it's likely that this perk will be tuned down in some way unwritten here.
        • Spirit of Osmiomancy (Osmiomancy Gloves): Your grenades recharge quicker on hits. The seeker spawned from Coldsnap grenades travels further.
        • Spirit of Apotheosis (Apotheosis Veil): Temporarily gain greatly increased melee and grenade regen after your Super ends.
      • Column 2
        • Shared column 2 perks
        • Spirit of Vesper (Vesper of Radius): Rifts periodically release Arc shockwaves.
        • Spirit of Harmony (Mantle of Battle Harmony): Final blows with weapons that have a damage type matching your Super's element grant you Super energy.
        • Spirit of Starfire (Starfire Protocol): Grenades recharge from empowered weapon damage, with empowered weapon final blows granting more energy.
        • Spirit of the Swarm (Swarmers): Destroying a Tangle spawns Threadlings.
        • Spirit of the Claw (Claws of Ahamkara): Gain an additional melee charge.

Content Pack Changes

  • Currently, all expansion and year 6 seasons are available to all players for free until The Final Shape. Additionally, the Lightfall expansion is free to own on PlayStation Plus until June 3.
  • When The Final Shape launches, the campaigns for Shadowkeep and Beyond Light, as well as the Stasis subclass, will remain permanently free to play.
  • The non-campaign content for Shadowkeep and Beyond light (including exotics, nightfalls, the Pit of Heresy dungeon, and both raids) will be packaged into content packs available for an unannounced price.
  • Additionally, all Destiny 2 content available to purchase (except The Final Shape) will be available in one large "Legacy Collection 2024" pack (price TBA). This includes:
    • Lightfall
    • Witch Queen
    • 30th Anniversary Pack
    • Beyond Light Pack
    • Shadowkeep Pack
    • Forsaken Pack


  • Next week there will be a weapon tuning blog post on Wednesday.
  • 3 short trailers were released today showing gameplay for Prismatic on each class: Warlock, Hunter, Titan
  • From now until the launch of The Final Shape, each seasonal activity (as well as AVALON) will drop one guaranteed red border weapon from their respective season a day.
  • Bungie is participating in The Gauntlet charity tournament, with various rewards including an emblem for donating. Read more here.
  • Asians@Bungie are conducting a donation drive for ICHS, purchasing the Stand with Asians pin from the Bungie Store will donate $7 to the cause, and reward you the Harmonic Waves emblem as well. A $10 donation through the Bungie Foundation will also get you just the emblem.
  • The Making the Rounds triumph is not yet completable, to finish it players will need to talk to Shaxx during the last week of Into the Light.
  • Soon parents will be able to control specific Destiny settings for children, see the following help article for details.


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