TWID 03/14/2024

Finally some signs of life for Into the Light!


Into the Light

Into the Light Teaser

  • Launches April 9th along with Update 7.3.6
  • Details will be revealed over the course of 3 livestreams, happening at 10AM PST on March 19th, March 26th, and April 2nd
  • The live streams will feature twitch drops, with watching for 30 minutes and for 2 hours each giving an emblem, shown below, respectively Those Held Dear Emblem Echo Diamond

Enhanced Perks

  • While they aren't saying much about the weapons changes coming in Final Shape, they are revealing that any weapons earned from the Prophecy refresh, current Guardian Games, and the new weapons added to Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, and Nightfalls, will all be able to be retroactively given enhanced perks when Final Shape releases.


  • This week the Destiny 2 mobile app was updated to support the new Fireteam Finder system in beta. On March 19th, the web version will also be available as a beta.
  • Starting March 12th, Destiny will require date of birth information in order to continue playing. If your birthday isn't set on, starting on that date, a birthday entry screen will present when launching the game and must be filled out to continue.
  • Hunters are winning 7 out of 8 days so far in Guardian Games.
  • Check the TWID itself for more info on the fundraiser progress, and some Guardian Games themed wallpapers
  • To keep your rewards from the Guardian Games event card, make sure to claim them before reset on March 26th
  • I skipped the TWID last week because it was entirely just Guardian Games updates. It's linked here for posterity, but really there's nothing much in there that wasn't updated in today's TWID.


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