TWID 01/25/2024

More details on Riven's Wishes, Moments of Triumph, and the winning Wizard sets!


Riven's Wishes

  • On January 30th, Mara Sov will give a weekly quest with a "high risk" objective. (e.g. complete Legend Lost Sectors, dungeons).
  • There will be six quests that will release weekly, but can be completed any time between release and the launch of The Final Shape.
  • Upon completion, players will be rewarded a Wish Token.
  • Wish Tokens can be spent on the following items:
    • A red-border Last Wish raid weapon
    • An Exotic armor from the Lightfall year
    • One of the holiday mementos from this year (FotL and Dawning)
    • Two Ascendant Shards, Two Ascendent Alloys, or one Exotic Cipher.

Moments of Triumph

  • On January 30th, Moments of Triumph will launch with a collection of 30 challenges (triumphs). If you're an active players, you'll have many of these done at launch.
  • Rewards will be distributed as more triumphs are completed, including:
    • 5 triumphs: Access to purchase the 2023 Moments of Triumph shirt
    • 14 triumphs: A new Laurel ghost shell Laurel Shell
    • 21 triumphs: A new "Fire-Gilt Quadriga" sparrow Fire-Gilt Quadriga
    • 26 triumphs: The MMXXII seal, title, and access to purchase the MMXXIII title pin (shown below, along with the shirt) MoT 2023 pin and shirt

Winning Wizard Sets

  • The winning FotL wizard sets per class are:
    • Evil wizard Hunter with 64% of the vote
    • Evil wizard Warlock with 54% of the vote
    • Good wizard Titan with 65% of the vote Winning wizard sets


  • Competitive Crucible will now reward an Ascendant Alloy for completing an additional 3 matches a week, as well as for completing your placements in a season.
  • Iron Banner this week lets you choose between Fortress and Control.
  • Bungie's official Game2Give charity livestream will go live Thursday, February 1, 10AM PST. Special guests will be attending, including Todd Haberkorn, the voice of Drifter. Twitch drops will be enabled, giving out the following unreleased Traveler's Wish emblem Traveler's Wish emblem
  • 3 special ghost shells have been created by 3 different Mexican artists featuring traditional Mexican art. They are being auctioned to support Make-A-Wish Mexico. The auction is ending January 28 at 4PM PST, and can be found here. Mexico ghost shells


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