TWAB 05/18/2023

Last minute reveals!


Strand Aspect Preview Clips

Artifact Perks

  • Column 1
    • Anti-Barrier Auto-Rifle
    • Unstoppable Hand Cannon
    • Overload Scout Rifle
    • Overload Trace Rifle
    • Unstoppable Glaive
  • Column 2
    • Authorized Mods: Arc (arc mod discound)
    • Authorized Mods: Void
    • Authorized Mods: Strand
    • Authorized Mods: Melee
    • Technicolor Siphon: Grants access to Helmet armor mods that combine the effects of the Strand Siphon and Arc Siphon mods.
  • Column 3
    • Improved Unraveling: Increases the amount of damage dealt by unraveling the target.
    • Deeper Origins: Greatly improves the benefits provided by the Unsated Hunger, Nanotech Tracer Rockets, Harmonic Resonance, and Noble Deeds traits.
    • Unto the Breach: Defeating a Void Debuffed target creates a Void Breach while your Void subclass is equipped
    • Electric Armor: Stay amplified longer while your arc subclass is equipped.
    • Thunderous Retort: Grants bonus Arc Super damage if cast while critically wounded or while amplified. Lasts until the end of the Super activation.
  • Column 4
    • Strand Soldier: Your Strand weapons gain Unraveling Rounds whenever you gain Woven Mail while your Strand subclass is equipped
    • Overcharged Armory: Weapons with the Unsated Hunger, Nanotech Tracer Rockets, Harmonic Seconance, and Noble Deed traits are always overcharged weapons for you when that modifier is active.
    • Protective Breach: Picking up a Void Breach gives you an overshield or refreshes your existing overshield
    • Counter Charge: Gain a stack of Armor Charge when you stun a Champion
    • Amped Up: Gain damage resistance while amplified
  • Column 5
    • Conductive Cosmic Needle: Targets affected by Strand debuffs take increased damage from Arc and Void abilities
    • Shock and Awe: Arc final blows while you are amplified summon a bust of lightning that damages and jolts targets.
    • Supernova: Picking up a Void Breach causes your next source of Void damage to create a weakening pulse.
    • Squad Goals:
      • Performing a finisher while you are amplified grants Amplified to nearby allies when your Arc subclass is equipped.
      • Performing a finisher while you have Woven Mail grants Woven Mail to nearby allies when your Strand subclass is equipped.
      • Performing a finisher while you have Devour grants Devour to nearby allies when your Void subclass is equipped.
    • Lightning Strikes Twice: After throwing an Arc grenade, gain increased grenade recharge for a short time. Arc final blows extend the duration of this benefit.

Enemy Shield Visual Updates

  • With the launch of Season of the Deep, they're introducing a change to most combatant shields that will update their visuals across the entire game.
  • This change will be visual only, and not affect gameplay.
  • See a preview of the new look for shields here
  • The number of bespoke shields for specific combatants has become more difficult to maintain as the number of enemy combatants in the game has significantly expanded. They're making this change so shields are easier to maintain and improve upon.
  • They're also overhauling accessibility at the same time, by making shields have unique visual effects other than color to indicate what element they are.
  • Immunity Shields (white shields) and shields for specific boss encounters will not be receiving this update, as they are more complicated and they want to ensure no gameplay effects occur from this change.

Server Stability

  • As part of the work on Lightfall, they worked on a large scale technical upgrade of the Destiny 2 services and hardware, including updating services to use new technologies and preparing for hardware upgrades. This should lead to a more stable and reliable experience long term, which is already evident from the Lightfall and Root of Nightmares launch days.
  • However, as millions of players have interacted with these services, they have found issues that they are working on addressing. One prime example is an issue with how they roll out patches. Up until now, they will usually split the upgrade by doing background maintenance before the patch, which lets the patch days have very minimal downtime. However, with the new upgrades they've been doing, they've found an issue that leaves the servers in a bad state after background maintenance, resulting in multiple instances of emergency maintenance.
  • They have a dedicated team focusing on fixing this issue and others, but until they can safely do background maintenance again they will be doing both server and game updates at the same time on patch days, leading to the game being down for 1.5 hours for patches. This should result in a more stable experience post-patch.
  • They're continuing to monitor and fix issues with the game to give players the best experience possible.

Guardian Games Last Week

  • Current standings: Titans in first, Hunters second, Warlocks third.
  • Top 4 teams with money raised:
    • First Place: DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS - $43,987.11
    • Second Place: Lost City Guardians - $7,335.00
    • Third Place: Metagalactic Boomers - $5,864.00
    • Fourth Place: Clan Archive - $5,271.00
  • Top 4 teams with points scored:
    • First Place: Popcorn - 71,100 points
    • Second Place: Ursidae - 47,000 points
    • Third Place: Traveler's Chosen - 26,729 points
    • Fourth Place: Prayer - 26,606 points


  • They're introducing a new employee group at Bungie dedicated to uplifting and supporting AANHPI employees, provide Bungie diverse insight on AANHPI cultures, and to support local AANHPI communities.
  • They're releasing a new "Stand With Asians" pin, which comes with an accompanying Harmonic Waves emblem (both shown below) Stand With Asians pin Harmonic Waves emblem
  • All proceeds of the pin will go to International Health Care Services, a non-profit health care organization based in Seattle that welcomes people of all backgrounds in need of care.
  • The emblem will also be available without a pin purchase starting May 23 by donating $10 directly to the Bungie Foundation.


  • New emblem that can be earned by gifting two separate gift subs in a participating twitch channel with the Destiny 2 extension enabled, more details here. Emblem is shown below: Pulsar Approaching emblem
  • Moving forward, any planned maintenance patch will be called an update, and any unplanned maintenance patch will be called a hotfixes.
  • On Tuesday, May 23, Destiny 2 7.1.0 will be released with the following maintenance schedule:
    • 7 AM: Background maintenance begins
    • 8:15 AM: Destiny 2 is brought offline
    • 10 AM: Destiny 2 will be brought online, update 7.1.0 will be playable on all platforms and regions
    • 11 AM: Background maintenance is scheduled to complete
  • Several Bungie Rewards are becoming unavailable on May 23, find them and how to earn/purchase them here
  • Once the new season launches, the Season of the Seraph season pass will be replaced by the Season of Defiance pass, and will be unavailable. Claim any rewards you are missing here


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