TWAB 05/11/2023

They actually talked about a season before it released, can you believe it?


Guardian Games Week 2

  • Current standings in this order: Titans in first, then Warlocks, and Hunters in last.
  • The Guardian Games Cup has already raised $100,000 through the Bungie Foundation
  • There are some Guardian Games Bungie Store rewards available for purchase if you unlock them through Bungie Rewards.

Season of the Deep Ritual Weapon

  • Last Rite, a Tex Mechanica Kinetic Aggressive Scout Rifle Last Rite base skin Last Rite vanguard skin Last Rite crucible skin Last Rite gambit skin

Season of the Deep Previews

  • They released a teaser trailer for the season earlier today.
  • Armor Ornaments: Season of the Deep ornaments
  • Location preview: Season of the Deep location preview

Dungeon Release Date

  • The next dungeon will be releasing at 10AM PST, Friday, May 26

Eververse Recommendations

  • Next season eververse will start recommending specific items that you don't own that might be a "great fit for your character".
  • There will be a tab to view the top 10 recommendations Eververse Recommendations


  • Claim your seasonal engrams before the end of the season, they imply that they will get wiped between seasons.


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