TWAB - 03/02/2023

All Strand fragments available to purchase! Also, lots of issues to be aware of, that they will be fixing soon.



  • All Strand fragments will be available to purchase later today (e.g. no longer locked behind next reset or world first raid completion)
  • They're keeping an eye on Strand's performance vs other subclasses ahead of the Root of Nightmares raid race.


  • They claim that Lightfall is just the beginning of the next year of storytelling connecting Lightfall and The Final Shape.
  • The community will learn more about The Witness's origins, its objective, and the ways we can thwart it and its disciples through Seasons 21-23.

Among Us

  • There's a destiny themed bundle available in the Among Us cosmetic shop.
  • They're running a giveaway for emblems, make a social media post with #GuardianCosmicube with either an Among Us inspired Destiny armor set, or Destiny 2 and Among Us crossover fanart.

Seasonal Release Dates

  • Root of Nightmares (RoN): Week 2, March 10.
  • Nightfalls
    • Heist Battleground: Mars - Week 2, March 7
    • Hypernet Current - Week 3, March 14
    • Arms Dealer - Week 4, March 21
    • Glassway - Week 5, March 28
    • Lake of Shadows - Week 6, April 4
  • Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes: Week 7, April 11
  • Trials of Osiris: Starts every Friday on weeks 4 - 12 (March 24 - May 19)
  • Iron Banner
    • Week 3, March 14
    • Week 6, April 4
    • Week 9, April 25
  • Guardian Games: May 2 - May 23

Important Issues

  • The Hypernet Current strike is not progressing Step 13 of the Lightfall campaign if players completed the strike for the first time in a fireteam before reaching this quest step. Players in a fireteam need to all be on Step 13 of the Lightfall campaign for the quest to progress normally.
  • Arc Hunter's Disorienting Blow is disabled, will be reenabled in a future update.
  • Jotunn has been disabled in all Crucible playlists, will be reenabled in a future update.
    • It was getting 10 ammo per special brick with solar scavenger.
  • Opening the Commendations Snapshot screen (clicking on your commendations in the Journey tab) on consoles may cause the game to crash
  • Some players may be unable to join Competitive Crucible matches after their in-game suspension is scheduled to expire. Players affected by this issue can resolve it by playing a match of Competitive Crucible with an alternate character.
  • Elemental Reloader mods do not apply their reload speed buff to players if they load into a new activity or respawn. Reapplying the mods will return the buff.
  • The Swarmers Warlock Exotic Leg armor does not create Threadlings when a Tangle is thrown if a player has the Strand Shackle grenade equipped.
  • The Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle and Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle have lost their 40% damage increase against red bar enemies.
  • The “Ascendant Scepter Mods” Triumph from Season of Defiance is counting previous Season 19 mod unlocks for its completion total, allowing some players to complete this Triumph early. Players who did not unlock enough artifact mods during Season 19 are currently blocked from completing this Triumph.
  • Veteran players starting Lightfall at Guardian Rank 6 will not receive Vanguard Lore Books 1 through 6 and will only receive Vanguard Lore Book 7.
  • The Dimensional Hypotrochoid Heavy Grenade Launcher can roll with a range masterwork, despite not having a range stat.
  • The Manticore Exotic Submachine Gun cannot be obtained from the Collections.


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