TWAB - 02/09/2023

Latency fixes, Strand perk interactions and solstice armor, crafting changes, and survey results.


Support for Syria and Turkey

  • Bungie is pledging $50,000 to helping Syria and Turkey recover after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Monday.
  • A new emblem Compassion Concentric will be available to those who donate $25 or more at Compassion Concentric emblem


  • Earlier this season Bungie began investigating a new latency issue. The result for the player was seeing one or more players standing against a wall or not taking any damage for several seconds, then teleporting across the map and possibly killing you.
  • This issue was caused by Valve's Steam Datagram Relay, which is used to provide DDOS-proof and fast P2P connections.
  • A fix was issued at 3PM last Friday, and according to their initial investigation this appears to have resolved the issue.
  • This of course won't solve all latency problems in the game, but it will fix a particularly thorny issue that has occurred since the beginning of Season 19.
  • They also have identified a few additional latency bugs that will be fixed with Lightfall, further improving network quality for players with good connections.

Strand Fashion and Perk Interactions

  • Every item that changes its appearance based on the currently equipped subclass will be compatible with Strand on launch, including Solstice armor, finishers, and new subclass-based emotes.
  • These items will obviously glow a bright, pale green.
  • Affected items:
    • 2020, 2021, 2022 Solstice armor sets
    • Subclass-Agnostic legendary finishers
    • "Ghost Fist Bump" exotic emote
    • Antaeus Wards and Ornaments
    • No Backup Plans and Ornaments
    • Ghost Projections
  • Additionally, the following armor and weapon perks will also be compatible with Strand on launch
    • Elemental Capacitor
    • Osmosis
    • Explosive Payload
    • Dragonfly
    • Cluster Bombs
    • Chain Reaction
    • Chromatic Fire's "Crystalline Transistor"
    • Mantle of Battle Harmony's "Absorption Cells"
    • The Bombadiers' "Parting Gift"
    • Verity's Brow's "The Fourth Magic"
    • Felwinter's Helm's "Warlord's End"
    • And possibly more post-launch

Resonant Crafting Changes

  • Resonant Elements will be completely removed from the game in Lightfall.
    • NOTE: These are the currency gained by completing deepsight resonant (red bar) weapons, and consumed in shaping/reshaping.
    • NOTE: As a reminder, it was previously announced that the only weapons that would drop as red bars would be those with a pattern. Now, with this additional announcement, the only use of deepsight resonant (red bar) weapons will be to progress patterns.
  • Standard currencies such as Glimmer, Enhancement Cores, etc. will replace the Element costs that are used today.
  • Additionally, "Deepsight attunement objectives" will be removed altogether.
    • NOTE: This refers to the kill/activity completion objective currently attached to all red border weapons. Presumably, in removing this, the only way to gain pattern progress will be to dismantle red border weapons. It's also possible this means that red border weapons can be instantly "completed" via the special mod slot. It's not clear which of these two will be the case.
  • Resonant and Harmonic Alloys will still be used at launch, however there are plans to overhaul these currencies later in the Lightfall year.
  • Ascendant Alloys will remain as is for now.

Prime Gaming Drop

  • The new cosmetic/exotic bundle from Twitch Prime is:
    • Sunshot
    • Red Dwarf, Sunshot Weapon Ornament
    • Jotuneer, Exotic Sparrow
    • Ghost Projection (it's an orange one with the season of the seraph logo)
    • An additional surprise (a unique, new emblem)
  • These will only be available to claim for a month, remember to do that if you're eligible here.

Survey Results

  • Festival of the Lost armor poll results
    • Hunter: 56% for Spider
    • Titan: 72% for Spider
    • Warlock: 53% for Beetle
  • Trials map results for 2/10 - 2/14
    • Radiant Cliffs with 44% of the vote

Lightfall Removals

  • Destinations
    • HELM Crown of Sorrow and Rasputin Exo Frame wings, Psisorium
      • NOTE: Since they don't specifically mention the HELM being removed overall, just specific wings, it'll likely be sticking around for the year of Lightfall.
    • Derelict Leviathan
    • Last City: Eliksni Quarter
    • Warmind Launch Facility
  • Seasonal Narratives
    • All Seasons from the year of Witch Queen
  • Activities
    • Vox Obscura
    • Nightmare Containment
    • Sever
    • Ketchcrash
    • Expeditions
    • Hideouts
    • Operation: Seraph's Shield
    • Operation Missions
    • Psi-Ops Battlegrounds and Heist Battlegrounds are being added to the strike playlist
  • Vendors
    • Spider
    • Crown of Sorrow
    • Star Chart
    • Exo Frame
  • Additionally all currencies, bounties, quests, and similar items relating to any season of the year will be removed in Lightfall
    • NOTE: DO NOT use seasonal bounties to bounty prep


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