Strand - Developer Insights Video

Plenty of cool developer insights and footage, with a few new interesting tidbits mixed in.


This video is primarily developer sentiments and new gameplay footage of Strand, and the interviews with developers focus on development insights, so the summary section of this article is short due to lack of any new info from the devs. Take a look at the video itself to catch those insights and new footage, Strand looks sweet!


  • You can grapple to a tangle after it's been thrown, as it moves through the air.


  • Great footage of the new Warlock super at 0:06 and 6:13
  • Tangle cooldown shown as high as 14 seconds at 1:02
  • Thread of Finality (finishers generate threadlings) shown at 1:03
    • Seems to be no cooldown attached
  • At 2:21, a hunter melee is shown to create a tangle. It's not clear what let procced to create it, likely some kind of fragment.
  • Hunter is shown to have two grenade charges with the bola equipped, unclear what is giving the multiple charges (4:16).
  • At 5:55, the Hunter dive ability is shown. The dive appears to consume your dodge cooldown on use, and also stuns an unstoppable champion.
    • This means that any ability/perk that can Suspend should stun unstoppable champions.


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