Into the Light Stream 3

Whisper and Zero Hour are coming back, Map Pack preview, and a ton of extra goodies!


Exotic Missions Returning

  • Whisper and Zero Hour will be coming back, featuring crafted versions of Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected
  • Secrets and chests have been shuffled around, will need to find them again
  • On normal difficulty, the missions have 40 minute timers to be more accessible.
  • On legend difficulty, which is where most of the missions and quests will be located, the timer is 20 minutes.
  • Boss fights seem to be different somehow, but they're not explicit about how
  • New ships are being made for both missions
  • Whisper will be released with Into the Light, Zero Hour will be released in May

Craftable Whisper and Outbreak

  • 3rd column perks for the craftable weapons will drop from a 3 week quest completable in legend mode, instead of unlocking with just weapon levels.
  • The catalyst for the exotics will drop from the legendary difficulty


  • Reserves are going from 18 to 24
  • Barrel and Magazine are selectable
  • Stock perks are also available
  • 3rd column is Mulligan, Field Prep, No Distractions, Eddy Current
  • The only catalyst option is Whispered Breathing

Outbreak Perfected

  • Also has Barrel, Magazine, and Stock perks
  • 3rd column is Outlaw, Rapid Hit, Rewind Rounds, Headseeker
  • 4th column is only Parasitism
  • The only catalyst option is Disease Vector

Map Pack

  • The maps are focused on working well in competitive, "sweaty" environments
  • When released, there will be a playlist to play just those maps
  • On Europa is "Eventide Labs"
  • On Neomuna is "Cirrus Plaza"
  • On the terraformed pyramid ship is "Dissonance"
  • I can't really summarize in text the maps, so check out the stream itself at the timestamp linked here for a preview.


  • Pantheon is a "raid boss gauntlet" starting on April 30th.
    • Weekly challenge with escalating difficulty and rewards
    • Chance to earn exotics, adept weapons, emblems you may not have earned yet
    • More info coming in an upcoming TWID
  • There will be a title attached to Into the Light, "Brave"
  • You'll now be able to skip the game tutorial on April 9
    • You'll have the choice of subclass to be granted after skipping the tutorial, from any of the light subclasses.
  • Character editing is coming on April 9
  • One more name change will be granted on April 9
  • There will be a gameplay preview for The Final Shape on April 9, 9:30 AM PST


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