Lightfall Year

Sometime before The Final Shape launch



  • Use Crucible Labs to test new and returning modes through the year.
  • They haven't settled on the details, but they are looking at the rewards and matchmaking structures of Trials of Osiris, and would like to push more updates to that mode in the Lightfall year so its population can more consistently climb to healthier levels.
  • Convert more Crucible modes (Momentum, Mayhem) into modifiers, to increase flexibility with creating new experiences.


  • Resonant and Harmonic Alloys will be completely reworked at some point in the Lightfall year (Ascendant Alloys will be staying)

Weapon level boosting

  • A new weapon mod will be added that will increase the level of a crafted or enhanced weapon for the cost of standard currencies.
  • This will not initially be positioned as the only method for leveling up a weapon, but it may be a convenient method for unlocking early perk choices, and an outlet for stockpiled currencies.
  • This behavior is looking to be added sometime after Season 21.

Text Chat

  • Game-wide text channels are changing from opt-in to opt-out. This means more players will naturally be placed into text channels, so more frequent chat opportunities.
  • Over time they want to continue to invest in better chat moderation, better filtering, and bigger things like speech-to-text.
  • They also plan on letting anyone leave channels on a case-by-case basis quickly, if the chat is trending in a negative direction.


  • They're planning on experimenting with power level in Lightfall, so that they can make a larger, more informed change to the system in The Final Shape
    • Some of these tweaks might happen invisibly to the average guardian, while others will be very front and center.
  • More battlegrounds will be added to the Nightfall rotation through the seasons.
  • Push more rewards to ritual content.
  • Obtaining initial drops of new exotic armor will be moved from legend lost sectors to ritual activities (subsequent drops will still come from legend lost sectors).
  • Players will be able to earn more rewards and complete more challenges by playing the content of their choice, not just the seasonal activity.
  • Claws of Ahamkara will give an extra melee charge to Strand
  • Streak trackers will be added to reach reputation rank tooltip.
  • They're working on a "broader rank remix" for guardian ranks to make progression through the ranks smoother.
    • Coming "in the near future" as of the 3/23/2023 TWAB.