At Some Point

Changes with no timeline given



  • Add Dynamic Skill Ranges to Crucible modes, so that players at the extreme edges of the skill spectrum can still experience quality connections, at the cost of slightly less fair matches. Original intended release date was January, but that has come and gone, whenever it is it will likely be soon.
  • They want to retune their spawning algorithm across many maps/modes with the goal of getting players back in the fight quicker, always in a safe spot, and if possible near a friendly player.
    • They're starting by targeting specific maps (Disjunction, Convergence, and Cathedral of Dusk) and modes (Control, Clash, Rift) with the following changes.
      • Adding more spawn locations for each of the maps/modes
      • Investigating disabling backfield spawns for Control and Clash, and adjusting the influence of objectives (e.g. capture zones) and allies so players spawn nearer to allies and ally-owned objectives
      • Looking at alternative objective locations to make gameplay more central
      • For 3v3 and non-objective modes, they're looking at making laned maps feel more "round" by keeping objectives and spawns more centralized, maybe even blocking off portions of the maps with barriers.
    • After laned maps are in a better place, they'll start working through other maps and modes
  • They want to tune lobby balancing such that they feel more even in terms of skill allocations, while still keeping the balance of teams as close as possible.

Competitive Playlist Tweaks

  • Coming "in a future season"
  • When a player is below their intended skill rank at the beginning of the season, they are looking to add some additional ranking adjustments, as well as blend your current division rank with your skill for matchmaking purposes, so matches should be easier to win until you reach your intended rank, at which point the system turns off for the rest of the season.
  • In order to help with breaking out of your target division when you reach it, they will be lowering the maximum confidence of the skill system, so players can more easily influence their internal skill rating (and by extension their rank) after they have played many matches.
  • Currently, post-match rank adjustments are based on an estimation of how a player's skill will be changing after that match. That estimation is not working as well as they'd like, and are hoping to make the estimation more accurate to what the actual change will be.
  • They want to ensure it's clear why you won or lost the specific number of points shown after a match.


  • They will "remix" guardian ranks 6 - 11 to provide a better expression of skill between those ranks.
  • Expand enhanced weapons to more than just the Lightfall raid adept weapons.
  • Add more classic missions to the exotic mission rotator.
  • Older strikes (specifically mentioned are Exodus Crash, The Inverted Spire) will receive an update so their difficulty, design, combat, objectives etc match newly created strikes


The rest of this article contains info obtained via datamining or leaks. If you'd like to see it anyway, enable spoilers in the sidebar using the eye button.

Buff/Debuff Status UI Rework


  • This picture is provided without context in the slide deck leak, likely will be coming sometime Lightfall year, but unclear and unconfirmed.
  • There is a large "Early Exploration" notice at the top left of the picture, and it's clearly just a concept photo shopped together from a random in-game screenshot, so bare in mind the details might change.
  • This new rework seems to split effects by their source and priority, with effects coming from weapons and armor being shown in the bottom right, effects relating to subclasses showing near the super bar, effects from the activity itself and your fireteam being where effects currently are, and "high-priority" effects being shown directly below the health bar.