The Final Shape

Sometime during The Final Shape expansion

  • A larger rework to the power level system


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Power Level Rework

  • An additional warning that, the slide deck that was leaked was likely shown sometime during Season of Plunder or Season of the Seraph, and they've explicitly said the power rework would not be coming until The Final Shape, and even that the form of the rework would be influenced by experiments during Lightfall. These details are very far from final, any and all of them could change.
  • Power will become a single, account wide value
  • Power is earned via "challenges" and XP
  • Players can ignore power level for most activities, and can enter any activity at any level.
  • Players no longer need to infuse gear, and can freely switch gear between characters
  • "Fireteam power" lets players jump right in to activities with friends, implying that a fireteam's power level will be set to the highest power level of all the fireteam members.
  • Weekly and seasonal challenges grant whole power levels depending on difficulty (+1, +2, +3)
  • Can also earn power levels by earning XP, you'll get +1 power level every 250k XP, which is deliberately high to try and encourage engaging with challenges