Season 22

8/22/2023 - End of Season 22


Checkmate (Crucible Mode)

  • Intends to create a slower-paced experience where players have more opportunity to react to encounters and where power spikes are earned, rather than guaranteed.
  • Changes to how special ammo is acquired, ability recharge rates, weapon TTK, and player health settings.
  • Will be a significant shift from the core experience.
  • Will be built as a modifier (like used in Nightfalls), so it can be easily applied to multiple standard modes to give maximum flexibility going forward.

Exotic Mission Rotator

  • This rotator will feature exotic missions from the past and rotate on a weekly basis, offering great rewards for players willing to dive into classic content.
  • In Season 22, this rotator will contain Presage, Vox Obscura, and Operation: Seraph's Shield.


  • No vendor upgrades
    • This does not mean there will never be vendor upgrades again, just that this season will not have them.
  • Pushing to create fresh seasonal activities, like Shattered Realms in Season of the Lost, or Battlegrounds in Season of the Chosen.
  • A new Crucible map in the Vex Network will be added