TWID 12/07/2023

Short Dawning info, there's a frosty new momento to earn this year!


The Dawning

  • Structure of the event seems similar to previous years
  • Use the oven to turn Dawning Essence and ingredients into cookies to give to various NPCs
  • You can purchase upgrades using Dawning Spirit, which last the whole event, and will give effects like bonus rewards, additional perks on dawning weapons, increased power and utility of stasis snowballs, and weapon focusing.
  • Stasis snowballs now spawn at the location where Dawning weapons or abilities kill enemies.
  • There will be a new memento to earn in the event, shown below. Dawning Memento
  • Three's a new dawning weapon, a glaive Albedo Wing. It's the second Aggressive Glaive and comes with many new perks from the season including Beacon Rounds (tracking on projectiles after kills).
  • All Dawning weapons were upgraded with new perks from this season and this year.

Fireteam Finder Beta

  • The new beta for Fireteam Finder is live, enabled across all activities.


  • During the dawning they're having an event where players can bake their own cookies inspired by in-game dawning cookies, and share them through pictures and video. Winners will be chosen from the #DawningBakeOff hashtag, and will be given either the Art or Movie of the Week emblem and a separate emblem shown below. Draconis Tetrachroma emblem
  • New bungie store items are available for purchase. They are shown below, check them out at the Bungie Store. The former are available for those who earn the Wrathbearer title by June 3, and the latter is available for those who complete the Amateur Baker event challenge by June 3. Dungeon Swag Dawning swag


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