TWID 10/12/2023

FOTL changes, PvP strike team updates, an emblem to christen the craftening, and Always on Time is no longer mandatory!


Festival of the Lost

  • Starting next week (10/17/2023)
  • Eerie Engrams are a new type of engram earned by completing Haunted Sectors, with the new Legend difficulty of the Haunted Sectors having a higher drop rate.
  • Eerie Engrams can be focused by Eva Levante into the following options:
    • Random FOTL weapon: 1 engram, 500 candy
    • Specific FOTL weapon: 1 engram, 1000 candy
    • Exotic drops for a specific slot (arms, legs, helmet, chest): 1 engram, 2500 candy
      • Players must own the expansion an exotic comes from for it to drop from focusing
      • Players do not need to have acquired the exotic previously for it to drop
  • Available FOTL weapons to focus will be: Acosmic Heavy GL, Horror Story AR, Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle, Mechabre Sniper
  • A FOTL exclusive memento will also be dropping, it's all black with leather (shown below) FOTL Memento

PvP Strike Team Update

Checkmate Tweaks

  • Hand Cannons will be buffed to 3-tap at any resilience
  • Rapid-Fire Pulses will 3-burst at 6 resilience
  • High-Impact fulses will 2-burst at 4 resilience with all crits
  • Reducing Heavy ammo spawn frequency


  • With the mid-season patch, they will be "compressing" the skill-bands used for matchmaking in the control playlist.
  • This will result in more players in each skill group, and thus more players to match with, at the slight cost of closeness in skill within matches.
  • For the first few matches after the patch, matchmaking will need to recalibrate over your first few matches.


  • Instead of trying to make more systemic tweaks to fix spawn issues (spawn camping, flipping, no spawns available), they're going to make many targeted changes to problem maps to improve selected spawnpoints.
  • They're starting by looking at Altar of Flame and Cauldron.
  • They don't expect to fix everything, but hope to improve the most frustrating cases, and apply those lessons to other maps.

Next Season

  • Crucible playlist reorganization
  • Competitive Crucible changes
    • Competitive weapon focusing
    • Rank adjustment updates
    • 3v3 Countdown Rush

The Craftening Emblem

  • Bungie hints that they might be taking inspiration from the shenanigans that went on during the Craftening to design some future systems further down the road.
  • Anyone who played from September 15 9AM through September 21 10AM will receive the following emblem when it's ready in Season 23 The Craftening Emblem

Sparrow Speed Changes

  • Starting Season 23, every single sparrow in the game will be buffed to share the same speed properties as Always On Time


  • Groups are shutting down. This was an older feature that saw very little use recently, so if you don't know what it is you probably don't need to worry about it.


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