TWID 10/05/2023

Lots of info on the mid-season patch coming soon, as well as some previews on exotic focusing changes and Season 23 changes


Exotic Focusing Pricing Changes

  • Exotic focusing prices were high at launch to avoid flooding the economy with exotics.
  • They have concluded given feedback and data analysis that the prices are currently too high, and are making the following changes:
    • Removing the Exotic Cipher cost from Tier 2 focusing
    • Removing the Ascendant Shard cost from Tier 1 focusing, replacing with a 10 Enhancement Prism cost
    • These changes will be implemented on 10/17/2023

Mid-Season Patch Preview

Anteus Wards

  • Granted too large a benefit for too little a cost, and didn't have any meaningful counterplay options.
  • Reflective Vents (exotic perk) now requires full class ability to activate. Class ability is drained by activation proportional to the amount of damage reflected.
  • No longer improves slide

Young Ahamkara's Spine

  • The grenade energy granted was out of line with other ability-focused exotics, and the enhanced tripmines were too hard to counter.
  • Reduced Tripmine Grenade's bonus health from 100 to 70 and removed the 50% damage resistance
  • Grenade energy is now provided on kills instead of damage.


  • While recent changes have brought them more in line, they are finding that their stability is too easily ignored to focus on range stat buffs, particularly on PC.
  • Increasing global recoil by 10%, and stability bonus on M&KB reduced from 20% -> 10%.

Auto Rifles

  • They believe the buff Auto Rifles received in Season 22 was too much, and also that some frames are still underperforming.
  • Rapid-Fire Auto Rifles:
    • Reduced ADS damage falloff scalar 1.7x -> 1.6x
  • Adaptive Auto Rifles:
    • Reduced ADS damage falloff scalar 1.7x -> 1.6x
    • Increased the base damage 14.25 -> 15
    • Decreased the critical hit multiplier from 1.6 -> 1.55 (crit damage goes from 22.8 -> 23.3)
  • Precision Auto Rifles
    • Reduced ADS damage falloff scalar 1.7x -> 1.6x
    • Ammit AR4 is going to be used as an experiment to see if they can tweak a weapon's performance in different ranges just by tweaking its zoom stat. Its zoom stat is being reduced 17 -> 15, which will make it easier to compete in close ranges with strong SMGs, but make it perform worse at long ranges due to decreased aim assist and accuracy at those ranges.

Pulse Rifles

  • They feel that High-Impact Pulse Rifles have generally landed in a great spot, but all other weapon frames have suffered greatly in the meta.
  • Increased damage falloff range at 0 stat by 1m for all Pulse Rifles
  • Increased ADS damage falloff scalar to 1.8x for Aggressive Pulse Rifles

Fusion Rifles

  • Fusion Rifles can feel like they operate well out of their intended ranges, thanks to various perks and damage boosts.
  • Fusion Rifle minimum damage at maximum falloff 50% -> 45%

Sniper Rifles

  • Currently, sniper rifles don't feel very usable in mid-air, so they are buffing the airborne accuracy such that it matches the accuracy achieved with an Icarus mod before Airborne Effectiveness was implemented.
  • Additionally, the high body shot damage of snipers can be very suppressive, which doesn't align with the principle of sniper rifles being high skill, high reward.
  • Across all snipers: decreased airborne accuracy penalty by 20%
  • Aggressive Sniper Rifles
    • Decreased body shot damage 157.5 -> 135
    • Increased crit multiplier 3x -> 3.5x
  • Adaptive Sniper Rifles
    • Decreased body shot damage 131 -> 119
    • Increased crit multiplier 2.95x -> 3.25x
  • Rapid-Fire Sniper Rifles
    • Decreased body shot damage 90 -> 85
    • Increased crit multiplier 3.25x -> 3.45x


  • Shotguns are getting the same treatment as Snipers to make them more usable in mid-air.
  • Slugs are having their airborne accuracy penalty reduced by 20%
  • Pellet shotguns are having their airborne pellet spread penalty reduced by 20%.


  • Perfect float has strong benefits, but the duration was too short for something that just improves stats and has steeper proc requirements
    • Increased base duration 6 -> 10 seconds
    • Increased extended duration 7 -> 12 seconds
  • Kickstart is one of the most popular damage perks for Fusion Rifles, and gives too many strong buffs for too little activation cost
    • Reduced damage bonus 20% -> 15%


  • Increase score to win 100 -> 125
  • Decrease frequency of heavy ammo spawns 90 -> 180 seconds


  • Season 23 will have many more PvE tuning changes. They're holding specifics until later, but as a preview:
    • Increased base PvE damage for Glaive projectiles and Sniper Rifles
    • Increased damage against minor combatants for Pulse Rifles and Auto Rifles
    • Greatly increased damage against Champions for Revision Zero and Vex Mythoclast



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