TWID 09/21/2023

Despite a long and interesting writeup on the crafting bug fix, deterministic recoil is by far the most interesting thing in here.


Crafting Bug

  • Bungie wrote up a section detailing how the fix for the crafting bug came together over the weekend, and the evolution it went through during the process. It's very interesting, but not directly pertaining to the game, so read it here if you're interested in behind the scenes game stuff.
    • There is also a section further down outlining the process of creating the Eris transformation scene, from mocap to cutscene design.

Deterministic Recoil

  • Since the start of Season 22, any weapon with a Season 22 weapon badge (or higher) has had a deterministic recoil pattern.
    • Fusion Rifles, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles are excluded from this effect.
  • All weapons will have a few different recoil patterns that they will use. These recoil pattern start out the same, but occasionally during the top half of the mag, it will swap to one of the alternative recoil patterns. Once you stop shooting long enough for the accuracy cone to reset completely, it will start again from the initial recoil pattern.
  • Accuracy cones still apply, and will give weapons some slight randomness in their shot pattern even with the static recoil patterns.
  • The recoil stat will cause horizontal variance or trends in the patterns, but the patterns should still be recognizable as static regardless.
  • The occasional swap to alternative recoil patterns, and the inclusion of accuracy cones, are measures to ensure that deterministic recoil patterns are not exploitable by cheats or other tools.
  • Shotguns are excluded from the effect because they already have static pellet spread patterns, and thus the recoil pattern isn't as noticeable.
  • Fusion Rifles are excluded from the effect because their shot pattern relies mostly on accuracy cone spread, so applying a static recoil pattern wasn't noticeable.
  • Sniper Rifles are excluded from the effect because it would make follow up shots too easy, especially considering that accuracy cone growth is so low on them.

Season of the Witch Secrets

  • They vaguely hint that we haven't found all the new secrets present in the new area added to the game this week, and that some of the secrets are particularly hard to spot.

Thorn Catalyst

  • In Season 23, Thorn will receive a catalyst. See a screenshot of the catalyst down below.
  • The catalyst appears to give +20 range and +10 stability at base. Getting a final blow or picking up a Remnant will give additional range, mobility, and handling as well. The amount of additional stats the perk will give is unknown. Thorn Catalyst

The Final Shape Teasers

  • Last week they released additional preview footage of The Pale Heard destination, see that here
  • Today they have also released previews of each of the new supers and aspects coming to the game, see Warlock here, Hunter here, and Titan here.
    • In these clips you can also see the beginnings of the status effect UI rework, where status effects have moved to the middle left of the screen with updated status effect icons, and the event log has moved to directly above the ability UI at the bottom left. The UI in this build still seems to have the restriction of showing a maximum of 4 status effects though, but it's likely there are additional changes in the works and just not present in this version of the in dev game.


  • Due to the crafting bug disrupting this weekend of trials, Igneous Hammer and Javelin-4 will return next weekend.
  • They have worked on a collaboration with Team Rubicon to create a campaign helping to support veterans. All proceeds of the new "Jumpmaster" emblem currently in the Eververse store will be split between the Bungie Foundation and Team Rubicon. There is also a pin and emblem to purchase on the Bungie Store, which will also be split between the Bungie Foundation and Team Rubicon.
  • They released a compilation of chill Destiny music tracks in a spin on the Lo-Fi Beats streams here
  • They made a video of someone picking up a baby fallen and chucking them across the haunted leviathan arena to their death, which is certainly something.
  • New Prime rewards are now available here. See a preview of the rewards below. New Prime Gaming Rewards


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