TWID 08/31/2023

Necrocasm is a quest exotic, and we find out everything that will be disabled during the race tomorrow


Crota's End Contest Mode

  • This time, when a team finishes the raid first, they will announce the team immediately on twitter. However, they will still be verifying the team in the background for some time, to ensure no cheating of any kind occurred. If cheating is found, the win will be instead rewarded to the next team on the list.
  • Earn the Every End emblem (shown below) by watching the Twitch Rivals channel (or other approved partner channels on Twitch) for two hours during contest mode. Every End emblem

Disabled Items

  • The following items will be disabled for the entirety of Contest Mode, with perks and functionality being disabled in the raid, and negative impacts to power level if equipped.
    • Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle
    • Warlock Weavewalk Aspect (already disabled in all raid and pvp activities)
    • Titan Banner of War Aspect
    • Foetracer Exotic Hunter Helmet
    • Elemental Munitions Mod


  • Those who acquire the "Bottomless Pit" quest from the raid vendor during the 48-hour contest mode will have the quest automatically marked as complete and the rewards placed in their inventory immediately.
  • The quest is free, and the rewards include Husk of the Pit, Eidolon Ally (fully masterworked), and Necrochasm.
  • Completing encounters or select triumphs will reward "Essence of the Oversoul", this is used to complete the Bottomless Pit quest for those who don't claim it during Contest Mode. It will also be used to get progress on the Necrochasm catalyst.
    • During contest mode, the catalyst will be listed as 20/35 Essence of Oversouls collected even if more Essence is collected. This will be resolved at the end of Contest Mode, where the count will properly reflect the amount of Essence obtained by the players.
  • Players who obtain the quest after the 48-hour Contest Mode will have to complete the quest from the beginning.

Iron Banner

  • A new emblem and shader will be available.
  • Point of the Stag is returning with random rolls, from a newly made official foundry Cassoid.
    • Left Column: No Distractions, Archer's Tempo, Pugilist, Slickdraw, Elemental Capacitor, Shot Swap
    • Right Column: Vorpal Weapon, Eye of the Storm, Swashbuckler, Precision Instrument, Golden Tricorn, Dragonfly
    • Origins: Skulking Wolf, Wild Card
  • The Guiding Sight is another reprised weapon, now made Strand, from another newly official foundry Nadir.
    • Left Column: Enlightened Action, Demolitionist, Moving Target, Tunnel Vision, Perpetual Motion, Gutshot Straight
    • Right Column: Hatchling, Adrenaline Junkie, Kill Clip, Encore, Cascade Point, Precision Instrument
    • Origins: Skulking Wolf, Nadir Focus
  • Iron Banner modes this season:
    • Week 1, 9/5, Fortress
    • Week 2, 10/10, Control
    • Week 3, 11/14, Fortress

Stasis still exists!

  • Stasis is getting some love in Season 23, where it will be featured in the seasonal artifact, but also see changes to stasis abilities including: Glacial Quake, Frostpulse, Winter's Shroud, Glacier Grenade, and more.
  • More will be revealed on the artifact perks and abilities closer to Season 23 launch.

Cabbage Error Explanation

  • The Cabbage error was seen early on in the season. This was due to some Destiny servers being deployed to smaller, scalable cloud servers, used when the game is expected to see higher than normal load.
  • In this instance, these servers were not shut down as they usually are once traffic reduced, leading to errors when the system attempted to route players to them for gameplay, causing the Cabbage error.
  • Going forward they have added this shutdown step to their deployment process to ensure that they are correctly shut down. They are also planning on adding systems in the code to prevent this issue altogether, even when the shutdown step is missed, and improve their ability to recover if a similar issue occurs.


  • Gjallarhorn's Wolfpack Rounds behavior was altered in the new Season launch. This was an unintentional side effect of a bug fix to prevent certain projectiles from damaging immune enemies. They had already intended on nerfing Gjallarhorn's potency in the future though, and the new behavior is similar to the intended values of that nerf, so they will not be referting the change.
  • Luminous Void shader had its appearance altered in the previous patch, this is a bug and will be reverted soon.
  • There are new Prime Gaming cosmetics available at the Prime Gaming page here
  • There are several Bungie Store rewards for completing the raid or the raid title within specific deadlines, look here to browse those items.


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