TWID 08/24/2023

Getting ready for Crota!


Crota's End Contest Mode

  • Contest Mode will be enabled for 48 hours.
  • You will need to be 1790 to be at the power level limit for all encounters
  • Because this is a reprised raid, two clears will be required: a clear of the raid as it is played normally, and a "Challenge Mode" clear where all encounter challenges are enabled and required to clear the encounter (you will wipe if you fail the challenge)
  • In order to increase the difficulty of Contest Mode, they are making the following changes to contest mode:
    • Increased the cap of player outgoing damage vs combatants. The cap for incoming damage is unchanged.
    • Some enemies will gain elemental shields
    • All enemies will be more aggressive than previous contest mode.

Seasonal Flashback Cosmetics

  • Later this season, a selection of cosmetic items from previous season passes will be brought to Eververse.
  • To start with, these will be available for weeks 4, 5, and 6 this season, and will feature a handful of items from Season of the Worthy.
  • They're accepting feedback on their Twitter account on which items people would like to see come back in the same way in the future

Featured Quests

Featured Quests screenshot

  • New home page of the quests tab
  • The amount of quests shown on the page varies by how active the player is, if they're brand new (or returning after a long break) only 1 or 2 active quests will be highlighted. For active players, multiple ongoing quests should be highlighted.
  • You can now launch directly into quest activities or landing zones from the quest inspection screen.

Community Engagement

  • If you're a content creator and want to work with bungie, they're accepting applications here
  • Check out the new community emblems here, earnable by being chosen to be features in a TWID post:

Movie of the Week

24 FPS

Art of the Week

Belle Epoque


Felis Galaxias


  • Check out our summary of the 2023 showcase here
  • They talk through the new Strand aspects in the blog, but I would recommend just logging in and trying them yourself, the in game descriptions are self explanatory, and all of them seem very strong.
  • Favoriting finishers is now deprecated, now all finishers in the finisher inventory will be cycled through randomly when doing a finisher. To remove a finisher from rotation, dismantle it from the inventory. To add a new one in, claim it from collections in Flair -> Finishers.
  • Steam will be ending support for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 on January 1 2024. When this happens, Destiny 2 will no longer function on these operating systems, along with all other Steam games and Steam itself. Anyone still on these operating system versions should update before the new year.


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