TWID 08/10/2023

We learn all about the exotic mission rotator!


Zavala Announcement

  • Earlier today they announced in a blog post that Keith David will be taking the role of Zavala moving forward.
  • The lines in the game recorded by Lance will be left in for now.

Exotic Mission Rotator

  • Their goals with the exotic mission rotator (coming next season) are the following:
    • A home for Seasonal Exotic missions after the year has passed and a place where, over time, they can bring fan-favorite exotic missions back
    • A source of Seasonal Exotic mission weapons and their associated catalysts
    • A new and consistent source of legacy Seasonal rewards
  • To support these goals, they are setting up the following framework for activities that get added:
    • Exotic weapons entering the playlist will become craftable
    • Each mission features a Normal and Legendary difficulty
    • Each mission features a pool of legacy Seasonal rewards that have thematic overlap with their associated mission
    • Each mission features the same reward behavior
    • Mission dialogue and narrative move forward after each activity completion and reset after all dialogue sets have been played
    • Legacy triumphs cannot be progressed.
  • The following is the activities and their loot pools that will be available at launch. Exotic missions from the Lightfall year will be added in the Final Shape, and more additions will follow.
    • Presage
      • Exotic: Dead Man's Tale (now craftable and with a new perk pool)
      • Armor and weapons from Season of the Haunted
        • Nezarec's Whisper
        • Bump in the Night
        • Tears of Contrition
        • Hollow Denial
        • Firefright
        • Without Remorse
        • Austringer
        • Drang (Baroque)
        • Beloved
        • CALUS Mini-Tool
        • Eidolon Pursuant armor set
      • Requires ownership of Beyond Light or Season of the Haunted
    • Vox Obscura
      • Exotic: Dead Messenger (now craftable, with an additional trait)
      • Armor and Weapons from Season of the Risen
        • Explosive Personality
        • Recurrent Impact
        • Under Your Skin
        • Sweet Sorrow
        • Thoughtless
        • Piece of Mind
        • Tusked Allegiance armor set
      • Requires ownership of The Witch Queen or Season of the Risen
    • Operation Seraph's Shield
      • Exotic: Revision Zero
      • Armor and Weapons from Season of the Seraph
        • Fire and Forget
        • Tripwire Canary
        • Disparity
        • Path of Least Resistance
        • Judgement of Kelgorath
        • Retrofit Escapade
        • IKELOS_HC_v1.0.3
        • IKELOS_SG_v1.0.3
        • IKELOS_SR_v1.0.3
        • IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3
        • Warmind's Avatar armor set
      • Requires ownership of The Witch Queen or Season of the Seraph
  • Each exotic mission will have the same reward behavior:
    • Weapon crafting rewards
      • First completion of the mission on normal or legendary difficulty will award the Exotic Deepsight weapon for the mission, extracting or dismantling the deepsight weapon will grant the pattern
      • Each completion of either difficulty of the mission will award an intrinsic upgrade that can be used when crafting the exotic weapon
      • Each completion of the legendary version of the exotic mission will award a catalyst upgrade for the exotic
    • Armor and weapon rewards
      • The normal and legendary versions of the missions have separate weekly reward lockouts
      • Once a week, clearing a difficulty tier will guarantee one deepsight weapon you don't own yet, and one armor piece that hasn't been obtained already, from the available pool.
      • Additionally, every clear you will receive a random weapon, with no guarantee of deepsight.
    • Weekly Challenge
      • The weekly challenge has the same armor and weapon pool as the current in-rotation mission
      • The reward will be pinnacle power, and will have the following priority:
        • One guaranteed deepsight weapon that hasn't been unlocked yet
        • If all weapon patterns have been unlocked, it will drop one armor piece that hasn't been obtained on your current class
        • If all weapon patterns and armor have been obtained, the reward will be a random weapon or armor
    • Additionally, the mission will give bonus progress on the Xenology quest from Xur, 4 points for normal difficulty clears, and 7 for legendary.

2023 Showcase

  • The Destiny showcase will be starting at 9AM August 22, with a pre-show at 8AM.
  • It will be viewable on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and Bilibili. See the blog post (link below) for links with localized subtitles for your region.


  • Due to various global regulations on digital services, starting August 15, logging into will require a one-time age and nationality selection when signing in or creating an account. They will also be clearing all active sessions on the 15th, forcing everyone to login again.
  • The Witch Queen will be added to the PlayStation Plus game catalogue for 6 months starting August 15th. Anyone who has PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium will have free access to the expansion for the duration.


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