TWID 07/27/2023

Dev insights on Veil Containment and the new Warden's Law hand cannon!


Raid Launch Date

  • The reprised raid coming in Season 22 will be launching on September 1, 2023.
  • Contest mode will last for 48 hours.
  • Being a reprised raid, in order to complete day 1 and earn the emblem, you will have to clear the raid normally and then complete the raid in "challenge mode" with each encounter's challenge enabled and required to progress through the raid.

Veil Containment Insight

  • Veil Containment is a repeatable activity that continues to tell the story of Neomuna's history with the Veil.
  • In an attempt to make Veil Containment a discoverable activity, they went too far and made it too hard to find.
  • If you haven't done the quest yet, it begins after completing the "Unfinished Business" quest at the end of Lightwall, and beginning the "Parting the Veil" quest.
  • The lore recordings have been unlocking week by week, so if you do it now you can get multiple entries in a row.
  • Veil Containment will keep unlocking for the remaining weeks of Season 21, and additional entries will unlock at the starts of seasons 22 and 23.
  • Their goal with Veil Containment was to tell a cosmic horror story in Destiny, drawing from things like the SCP Foundation and other creepypastas like the Magnus Archives.
  • Movies like Altered States and 2001 a Space Odyssey helped inform the tone of the messages uncovered.
  • There's deliberate similarities between what Maya is attempting with the Veil, and what the Witness did in sacrificing its people, and even Calus and the Crown of Sorrows.
  • Another source of inspiration was the relation between an outside observer and the concept of the Winnower mentioned in the Books of Sorrow.
  • As discovered in this activity, the Veil is a cosmic collective consciousness, a psychic network that spreads through the universe.
  • The visual and thematic connections to Egregore are deliberate.
  • They are trying to capture that sense of foreboding present in cosmic horror, where you realize your role in the universe is small, and that the universe itself is uncaring. These ideas are trying to set the stage for the future in The Final Shape and beyond.

Warden's Law

  • They wanted to do something unique for the Nightfall rewards in Season 22.
  • Warden's Law was a fun idea from Forsaken that never really caught on with players due to the difficulty in landing both shots from the vertical spread.
  • They wanted to make the gun feel better to use, while maintaining the original identity.
  • They decided to move away from a one shot spread, to firing in a burst.
  • Their initial idea was to essentially build a legendary Crimson, with a three round burst and no healing. This worked better, but didn't feel right with the original concept.
  • They settled on a two round burst with a slightly longer delay between shots than normal.
  • They also needed to tune it to give players a reason to run it over a 120RPM hand cannon.
  • Because the weapon is harder to use than a normal Hand Cannon, because you need to hit two shots per trigger pull instead of one, they decided to give it slightly more crit damage and TTK than something like Igneous Hammer.
  • They based the damage profile on Aggressive Frame Hand Cannons from some years back, dealing up to 90 damage per burst against players. Then slightly reduced the burst delay, so it has a slightly faster 0.93 TTK instead of the standard 1.00s.
  • They also tuned the recoil pattern such that it was manageable at base level, but still motivates players to use perks to improve it
  • The pattern itself is extra important because the tightness of the burst has no impact on how usable the gun is at longer ranges.
  • Because this gun can deal more damage and kill quicker than 120 hand cannons, they didn't want it to have the same maximum ranges.
  • The recoil pattern is designed such that it will be more difficult to land two crits from the same burst at 35m+, while still feeling smooth and easier to use at clores ranges.

Economy Developer Insight

  • Yesterday they released a developer insight on some ritual weapon and masterwork currency economy changes, see our summary here
  • They mention here that because DMT is being added to the loot pool for the Exotic Mission Rotator when Presage is available, they will also make DMT craftable.
  • Because DMT is becoming craftable, it will no longer be sold by Xur starting in the new season.

Trials Map Vote

  • They're holding a vote for the Trials map for next weekend, watch for a voting link in your Bungie emails (or on their twitter account).
  • The options are Cathedral of Dusk, Vostok, and Anomaly


  • They are investigating a fix for the Kindling popup and quest progress blocking issue with Solstice armor.
  • The Event Card will only be available during the Solstice event, so make sure to claim objectives and rewards before the event ends on August 8.
  • Beginning next week, sparrows will be enabled in the Bonfire activity.


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