TWID 04/25/2024

Lots of info on Power Level changes in The Final Shape!


Power Level Changes

Fireteam Power

Fireteam Power

  • When in a fireteam, the person with the highest power level will become the Power Leader, and all other players will be set to 5 below their power level, or their own power level, whichever is higher.
  • Your personal power level will still determine the rewards you get.

Removing Power Limits

  • Guns that have been sunset will have their power limits removed.
  • Since these guns are now usable, but with no available acquisition source, they hope to re-add some (or all) of the sunset weapons in future content drops, with added features like origin traits and updated perks.

Power Bands

  • They're reducing the size of the gap from the power floor to soft cap, from 150 power to 40.
  • The power caps in The Final Shape will be as follows:
    • Power Floor: 1900
    • Soft Cap: 1940
    • Powerful Cap: 1990
    • Hard Cap/Pinnacle Cap: 2000

Activity Power

  • In The Final Shape, activities will be divided into two groups: Power Disabled and Power Enabled. Power Disabled Indicator
    • Power Disabled activities play the same for anyone, power level will make no difference in difficulty. These include Campaigns (both difficulties), Seasonal story missions, destinations, Crucible, and some legacy content. Power Enabled Activities
    • Power Enabled activities are those where your power level influences the difficulty of an activity, up to a power cap (which is now shown in UI).
  • Power Enabled activities will either use one of the standard difficulty tiers (listed below), or a unique one for that specific activity
    • Standard, 1945 cap: Vanguard Ops, Seasonal activities, Exotic missions, raids, and dungeons
    • Advanced (previously Hero), 1995 cap: Nightfalls
    • Expert (previously Legend), 2005 cap: Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Seasonal activities, Exotic missions
    • Master, 2010 cap: Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, raids, and dungeons
    • Grandmaster, 2020 cap: Nightfalls
  • Completing the legend campaign will reward an armor set at 1960 power.
  • Contest mode is specified to be 1965 power, and will not have fireteam power enabled.

Artifact Bonus Power

  • Earning power from the seasonal artifact is staying the same at its core, but is being rebalanced such that artifact power is a rewarding pursuit throughout episodes despite being longer than seasons
    • The implication here is that artifact power levels will be slower to gain now
  • There will be more weeks with Seasonal Challenges, and they will be receiving buffs to their XP rewards

Account-Wide Power

  • Now, when you receive a powerful drop, that gear's power level will be relative to the power level of the highest leveled character on your account, not just the one you're currently playing.
  • Because cross-character progression is now built in to the game, they are no longer selling power boosts after one of your characters completes the campaign (they will still be selling campaign skips however)

Reward Power

  • Almost all activities in the game will now have a chance to drop a +1 powerful reward, like ritual activities have been able to do for some time.
  • Items purchased from vendors will now drop no lower than 3 below your highest possible power level.
  • Items pulled from collections will now be 5 below.


  • Hardware Supremacy will be available in Crucible Labs next week. All abilities are disabled, and the focus will be on gunplay.
  • Iron Banner will be back on April 30th for the last time of the season.
  • They're holding another Cosplay Cosmodrome, with cosplayers from around the world cosplaying various characters from the game. More info in this blog post
  • If you complete any of the "Where's Archie" quests before June 3, you'll be able to buy an Archie plushie from the Bungie Store here
  • The blog post itself has many wallpapers for both desktop and mobile pulled from the recent trailers, check them out here.


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