TWID 04/18/2024

The Final Shape raid is early on June 7th! There's also some tweaks to clan rewards, and info on what's staying and leaving from Into the Light.


Raid Day

  • The Final Shape raid will launch on Friday, June 7th, 10 AM Pacific, 3 days after The Final Shape launch of June 4th. This is much sooner to the launch than is typical of raid days, being 3 days after launch instead of 10.

Clan Updates

  • In The Final Shape, Hawthorne will be given a vendor reputation track. Clan rep will be earned by playing activities, with higher difficulty activities giving more, and playing with clanmates giving a large bonus.
  • Clan bounties are being tweaked, with the Nightfall bounty no longer being level locked, and two new bounty types for Seasonal content and for dungeons. All bounties will grant some clan reputation.
  • Clan perks are being reworked, see the new perks below:
    • Level 2: Live Fire Sale - Raid Banners sold from Hawthorne cost less
    • Level 3: Bountiful Bounties - The first clan bounty completed each week grants an Exotic engram
    • Level 4: Of Hawks and Pigeons - Raid Rotator Challenges grant Spoils of Conquest. Trials wins grant additional Trials reputation
    • Level 5: Weapon Ritualist - Earn bonus crafted weapon XP from completing ritual playlist activities
    • Level 6: Alloy Completionist - Completing all clan challenges in a week grants an Ascendant Alloy.
  • Clan XP itself is getting reworked to be more consistent, and more fair with the XP rewards that come from each source.

Fireteam Finder No Longer Beta

  • After a long season of testing, they feel comfortable taking the beta label off of Fireteam Finder.
  • Since launch, they've made several changes to Fireteam Finder, including:
    • Destiny Companion app and integration.
    • Updated Roster tab to display 12 players on each per page.
    • Improved screen-to-screen flow.
    • Improved feedback when submitting applications.
    • Legibility improvements on listing info.
    • Clearer indication of new pending applications for leaders.
    • Added emoji to listing titles.
    • Onslaught and Zero Hour options.
    • Over 60 additional bug fixes and other improvements.
  • They still have changes planned for Fireteam Finder, including voice chat and lobby invites.

Into the Light After TFS

  • Once TFS launches, certain elements of Into the Light will be leaving, and some will be staying.

What's Leaving

  • Pantheon and associated emblems will only be available April 30 - June 3. The intention was to create a challenging, limited time event. They've seen the support for the mode though, and will take that into consideration for future plans.
  • The Godslayer title for Pantheon, and the Brave title for Into the Light, both will be unobtainable after The Final Shape launches.
  • Limited-Edition (shiny) brave weapons will be unavailable to earn after The Final Shape launches.
  • The Hall of Champions, and some of the content within (including Arcite quests, bounties, armor chests, weapon attunement) will be removed when The Final Shape launches.

What's Staying

  • The Parade armor sets will be earnable again somehow at some point in the future.
  • The Superblack shader will return to be earnable at some point in the future, but it will be easiest to earn during Into the Light, before The Final Shape launches.
  • They're working on bringing attunement back for brave weapons sometime during the first episode Echoes, but at The Final Shape launch it will be temporarily removed from the game.
  • The Onslaught activity and the brave weapons will move to Vanguard Ops as a dedicated playlist when The Final Shape releases.
    • NOTE: they're somewhat vague on whether all or just some of the difficulty modes will be available after The Final Shape releases. It's possible the only variant available will be the 10 wave version.
  • All 3 PvP maps from the map pack will stick around past The Final Shape launch.
  • The Whisper and Zero Hour missions will be moved to the Legends tab once The Final Shape launches. The weapons and catalysts will be earnable from Eris Morn and Ada-1.


  • There is a post-mortem section on the Into the Light launch day server issues, and how they're addressing the issues ahead of The Final Shape so that they don't happen again. Check that out in the blog post itself.


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