TWID 02/29/2024

Guardian Games info, featuring a skateboard, a new Heavy Wave Frame GL, and a new event memento!


Guardian Games

  • Launches March 5th

The Skimmer

Skimmer action shots Allstar Vector

  • New skateboard-like sparrow type called "Skimmers"
  • New Guardian Games skimmer is "Allstar Vector", will be available to earn during Guardian Games.
  • To keep the skimmer after Guardian Games, complete the "Drop In" quest.
  • There will be another skimmer available in the eververse store, themed after an exotic weapon.


  • There's a new Contender Card tier Diamond
    • Limited to 3 a week
    • Change through the course of the day
    • Two are focused on end-game activities, the third is rewarded for watching a Destiny 2 stream on Twitch for 2 hours
  • Scoring will be calculated differently
    • Previously it was based on total medals, with weights to compensate for differing class populations
    • Now, it will be based on the average Medallion score of all players who have deposited a medal that day.
  • 5 glows to earn in the tower
    • "Best in Tower" guardian
    • Being a member of the winning class of the day
    • Shoulder glow linked to weekly performance in the Nightfall playlist
    • Second shoulder glow for weekly performance in Supremacy and Gambit
    • Bronze, silver, or gold glow in the shape of a crown depending on your class place in the Friday coronation ceremony
  • At the end of the event, the class with the most wins will be crowned winner, and their class item will become gold until the next event.
  • Members of the winning class will be able to trigger fireworks by interacting with the Guardian Games statue.

Quests, Activities, Matchmaking

  • There are two additional weekly quests to complete
  • The first is "Shoot to Score", which requires earning medals and points in the Nightfall playlists.
    • There will be two nightfall playlists; "Recreation," for a chill time and practice, and "Competitive,", for trying for points and earning high scores.
  • The second quest is "Vying for Supremacy" and will require running the Supremacy and Gambit playlists
  • Getting scores in both playlists will unlock up to 4 chests for each quest.
    • The chests reward gear and materials, depending on the tier you reach (bronce to platinum), and provide buffs to make it easier to break your own high scores.
  • All Guardian Games activities will have matchmaking, with Nightfalls and Supremacy having mixed class or same class (class v class in the case of PvP) options. Gambit will only be class v class.
  • Every few hours, one of the playlists will be selected as the Focus Activity, which will remain selected for 2 hours Monday to Thursday and 3 hours Friday to Sunday.
    • Playing a Focus Activity unlocks up to 3 tiers of reward packages (bronze to gold), with better rewards for each tier.
    • An additional "champions package" will go to the class that dominates the Focus Activity by earning the highest scores.
    • The next Focus Activity will be announced via the Director.

New Weapon and Memento


  • New Arc Heavy Wave Frame Grenade Launcher "Hullabaloo".
    • Can roll with both Voltshot and Chain Reaction
  • The two previous Guardian Games weapons will have new perk pools this year as well.
    • Taraxippos (Strand Lightweight Scout Rifle) has Slice and Precision Instrument
    • The Title (Void Aggressive Submachine Gun) can roll both Repulsor Brace and Surrounded

All-Stars Memento

  • A new Guardian Games exclusive memento "All-Stars" will also drop from banking Gold and Platinum medallions.
    • If you have one of the mementos in your inventory already, Eva will store extras that may drop, but you must claim them before the end of the event.


  • The Champ title will be earnable again, you'll have to complete the Event Card challenges.
  • These challenges give rewards like event weapons, a Legendary shader, an emblem, Exotic Sparrow, materials, and Event Tickets.
    • Event tickets can be used with the upgraded (premium) event card to unlock additional rewards in Eververse.


  • The Guardian Games Cup will also be running, as a competition between players and a way to support charity. More details here
  • Update 7.3.5 is coming next week (March 5th)
    • See all of the upcoming changes here
  • The Witch Queen is free to claim for all PS+ subscribers from March 5 to April 2.
  • Players who don't own the Forsaken Pack will be able to craft weapons from Mara's inventory in patch 7.3.5.


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