TWAB 05/25/2023

Lots of things you probably knew about if you've been online at all in the last 24 hours.


The Final Shape Teaser

Marathon Cinematic Trailer and ViDoc

Guardian Games results

  • Titans won
  • Almost $150,000 was raised in donations for Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee.
  • The top 4 charitable teams were: DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS, Lost City Guardians, Destiny 2 Japan Creator, Metagalactic Boomers
  • The top 4 teams by points scored were: Popcorn, Ursidae, Prayer, Lighthouse Community Team

Seasonal Release Dates

  • New dungeon goes live tomorrow (May 26th) at 10AM PDT.
  • Trials first goes live tomorrow.
  • The first week of Iron Banner starts May 30th.
  • Grandmasters start on June 13th.
  • Solstice starts on July 18th.


  • Emblems in player's inventories that the player have not actually earned in the collections menu are no longer able to be used. Players must earn/claim the emblems on their account/platform directly to be able to use them again.
  • Reminder that only the blue guardian rank objectives will reset at the end of the season, the rest will be (and have been) preserved from your accomplishments last season. Also, the guardian rank on your player badge will have the higher of the two ranks you earned between last and this season. So, your rank is currently shown as whatever you achieved last season.
    • NOTE: It seems that player badges that use the guardian rank from last season do not have the special border decoration, just showing the number on the plain blue circle. Likely, these borders are tied exclusively to the rank you earn this season, and thus have been reset.
  • There are three Sony themed cosmetic bundles in the store, one with armor themed after several characters in Sony IPs, one with similarly themed emotes, and one with The Last of Us clicker themed ghost, ship, and sparrow. There's also a Ratchet and Clank themed emote available for sale on its own. None of these items are platform exclusive.
  • They're hosting a competition through the end of June where anyone is encouraged to create cosplays centered around the Destiny 2 - Sony crossover cosmetics, but only using items they have around the house (closet cosplay). Post your cosplay on social media with #Destiny2Cosplay, and they will choose several cosplays to feature through the competition, with those featured also earning the art of the week emblem.
  • You can earn the ability to buy the Aquanaut title badge from the Bungie Store by earning the title before August 22nd.
  • The opening cutscene for Season of the Deep is preserved on YouTube here.
  • The Lightfall cutscenes have been preserved on YouTube here


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