TWAB - 04/27/2023

Grapple is good now!


Guardian Games

Trials Map Vote

  • On May 2nd, players who have signed up for marketing emails will be able to vote between Rusted Lands, Convergence, and Disjunction for the trials map (I assume for the weekend of May 5th, but Bungie doesn't say

Strand Changes

  • The changes in patch to make certain mods not stack only apply to grapple melee. This ability is counted as both a grenade and a melee, but it is no longer possible to get the effects of mods that do the same thing to both apply at once. (ex: Ashes to Assets and Hands On)
  • They're generally happy with how Strand is performing.
  • They're making some tweaks in Season 21
  • Grapple
    • Reduced base cooldown from 105s -> 82s
    • Reduced the minimum time between grapple activations from 2.5s -> 0.2s
  • Hunter Strand Melee
    • Increase damage vs PvE combatants ~55%
    • Increased projectile travel range before beginning to return to the player by 30%
    • Slightly reduced speed of the dart as it returns to the player to make catching it easier
    • Increased energy gain for catching the dart based on the number of enemies hit.
    • Now pierces Cabal Phalanx shields.


  • Witherhoard won the exotic ornament vote.
  • They've added more reference pictures to the art reference portal, including Thunderhead armor sets for all classes, Osiris, Saint-14, Nimbus, Rohan, Calus, Nezarec, and a pouka.
  • The deadline to buy the Archangel Dog Plush is April 28th, and the deadline for the Root of Nightmares raid jacket is April 30th.


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