TWAB - 04/20/2023

New exotic weapon ornament vote!


Accessibility Blog

  • Yesterday they released a blog detailing accessibility options added to the game recently, as well as some new ones coming next season.
  • A full auto melee option will be coming next season, and will allow melee weapons (swords and glaives), powered and unpowered melees, and melee attacks while in roaming super do be used whenever its available as long as the melee or fire button (depending on the type of melee) is held down.
  • Next season they will also let players change the color of the reticle when aimed at an enemy within range.
  • They're also adding options to swap confirm/deny buttons on controller, and improving the UI for customizing the subtitle options.

Exotic Ornaments

  • See below for a preview of the more finished product version of the Arbalest ornament the community voted on. Arbalest Vote Ornament
  • Players who have registered for marketing emails will soon get a survey allowing them to vote for one of three weapons to receive an exotic ornament between Witherhoard, Thunderlord, and Izanagi's Burden.

Audio Issues Workaround

  • Some players are experiencing audio issues since the new patch. While Bungie is working on a fix, you can try turning off 3D audio (native 3D audio on PS5, Atmos/Windows Sonic on PC/Xbox) as a temporary workaround.

Missed Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue where the Terminal Overload chest could be looted multiple times for rewards and crafted weapon progress.
    • Crafting progress now comes from the key chest and not the base chest.
  • When the mods Ashes to Ashes and Hands On are equipped at the same time, players will only receive Super energy from one of the mods when killing an enemy with a grapple melee. When these mods are equipped individually, each will work with the grapple melee.
  • Grenade Kickstart will no longer activate when using a grapple point.
  • When the mods Firepower and Heavy Handed are equipped at the same time, only one Orb of Power will spawn when killing an enemy with a grapple melee. When these mods are equipped individually, each will work with the grapple melee.
  • Reduced Super gains from Ashes to Assets by 50% when getting a grapple melee kill after using a grapple point.
  • Players no longer need to have the Strand subclass equipped to gain Unraveling Rounds for their Strand weapons from the Allied Unraveling perk.
  • Heavy weapons will more consistently gain increased ammo capacity from multiple Reserves mods. This does not apply to Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Heavy Glaives, Leviathan’s Breath, and One Thousand Voices, since their maximum ammo capacity is reached by equipping fewer mods.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fighting Lion Grenade Launcher was incorrectly benefitting from the Void Holster mod.
  • Fixed an issue where the Harsh Language Shotgun now correctly activates Void artifact perks.
  • Fall damage is now nonlethal to players. Previously, only collision damage was nonlethal.

Issues of Note

  • Players who previously acquired the Brazen Spark ship are blocked from completing the Last Will and Testament quest.
  • The Guardian Games statue has the incorrect class displayed as winner for the 2022 event.
  • Some Guardian Games Triumphs are activating earlier than intended. As a result, the Titles tab now flashes as though something is unlocked. These Triumphs will be able to be claimed when Guardian Games launches in two weeks.
  • Quitter penalties were erroneously enabled with launch for completing matches. This has since been corrected.
  • Rewards are delayed upon completing certain raid encounters, with some rewards going to the Postmaster.
  • Some players report that Radiant no longer stuns Barrier Champions.
  • Firesprites may no longer be generated from Grenade kills.


  • Next week is the last week of Iron Banner this season, and thus is also the last chance to earn the Iron Banner title guild for the season.


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