TWAB - 04/13/2023

The one about XIM/Cronus


Third-party Peripherals

  • The community has been growing increasingly frustrated with cheating by way of third party peripherals that can manipulate the game to, for example, execute simple tricks or trick the game into giving you extra aim assist.
  • They avoid calling out the services by name to avoid attracting more attention to them.
    • They're mostly talking about XIM/Cronus devices though.
  • Bungie has adopted a new policy to address thisO

Bungie embraces the use of external accessibility aids that enable an experience the game designers intended but will take action, including bans, on people who abuse these tools specifically to gain an advantage over other players.

  1. “External accessibility aides” are any device or input that augments the player’s ability to control the game beyond what the game itself normally provides. This includes, but is not limited to, programmable controllers, keyboard and mouse adapters, advanced macros, or automation via artificial intelligence. This does not include features that Bungie provides. For more information on how Bungie supports accessibility, check out our goals outlined by Accessibility at Bungie right here.
  2. “Experience the game designers intended” means that content meant to be difficult or prestige is designed like that for a reason. We do not intend for difficulty to be automated away via software or hardware. Therefore, simply using an accessibility aide to play Destiny 2, where a player could not play otherwise, would not be a violation of this policy. Using these tools to mitigate challenges all players face, such as reducing recoil or increasing aim assist, would be a violation.
  3. “Gain an advantage” means used for the purpose, directly or indirectly, of achieving victory. For example, some players that abuse these tools rise in PvP ranks at a rate far beyond what is expected for a player improving through typical play. Because the benefits of cheating in PvE can affect things like the World First Race or even spill over into PvP, we will be evaluating all gameplay for violations.
  • They will monitor for violations of this policy and issue warnings, restrictions, and/or bans appropriately.

Best Dressed Commendation

  • They knew a fashion focused commendation would be highly desired, so they initially planned on releasing one with Season 21.
  • Once they saw just how highly desired it was, they pushed its release up to the mid-season patch.
  • Best Dressed won't give the most commendation score, and will be restricted to "low-trust" activities, matchmade activities that don't rely on significant communication or teamplay; not raids or dungeons, not Trials.

Trials Matchmaking Labs

  • The new Trials matchmaking system will be the Trials Labs on week 8 and 11 this season.
  • Check the Crucible Blog for a reminder on how it will work.
  • The changes to Passages of Wealth and Mercy, and the gilded Flawless title requirement changes are coming next season.
  • They will be monitoring for feedback with the Trials Labs, and have more details on Trials changes later this season.

Donation Drive

  • Bungie is raising money for the Seattle Ronald McDonald House (medical facility)
  • You can donate here, cast your vote for Team Bungie in the process.
  • Donating $50 gets you the Knees Out emblem: Knees Out Emblem
  • Donating $100 also gets you a postcard in the mail, $250 gets you a digital copy of a new and unique artwork by Mark Flieg (a VFX art lead at Bungie), $500 gets you a print of the aforementioned artwork.


  • The mid-season patch (update 7.0.5) will be released at reset on Tuesday. There will be an hour of server downtime before reset.
  • The Legend Nightfall score objective for guardian ranks was lowered 130,000 -> 115,000. Master was lowered 200,000 -> 180,000, and Grandmaster was lowered 230,000 -> 210,000.
    • The score multiplier for Lake of Shadows was raised to 1.0.


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