TWAB - 04/06/2023

Some ritual weapon rotation details!


Reflecting on Lightfall

  • They do a quick TL;DR of the changes announced in the Reflecting on Lightfall blogpost released yesterday, see our summary of that post here

Grandmaster Nightfalls

  • GMs will be released on April 11th
  • As usual, only those who have completed the base conqueror title will have access to the gilding node, everyone else will be restricted to running the weekly Nightfall
  • They've added two new Adept weapons for Nightfalls this season, Buzzard (kinetic adaptive sidearm) and The Swarm (arc high-impact machine gun). Also available this season is Wendigo GL3 and Hung Jury.
  • They mention changes coming to Heist Battleground strikes in the mid-season update that were also mentioned in the Reflecting on Lightfall blogpost, they're copied below.
  • Heist Battleground: Mars
    • Decreasing how often combatant spawn on higher difficulties in the Towers phase.
    • Increasing the map score multiplier to help players reach score goals without exploits.
    • Adding one additional ammo crate.
  • Other Heist Battleground changes
    • Reducing the frequency and number of some combatants waves in all boss fights.
    • Reducing the health of Deathtongue Choristers.
    • Hive runes will now have the same health on all difficulties.
    • Thinning out the Fallen tripmines in Heist Battleground: Moon.

Ritual Weapon Changes


  • Whistler's Whim is out of adept rotation in Trials as of last weekend
  • Mindbender's Ambition last week in the Nightfall rotation will be 4/18.
  • The Militia's Birthright last week in the Nightfall rotation will be 5/2.
  • The Inquisitor's last week in the Trials adept rotation will be 5/9.
  • The Wizened Rebuke and The Hero's Burden will be leaving the Iron Banner pool next season. The last week of Iron Banner to get these as drops will be 4/25.
  • Rose will be removed as the competitive queue weapon in Season 21. NOTE: as a reminder, Rose will be entirely unavailable to earn starting Season 21, but they plan on making it available again at some point.


  • The following are all coming entering rotations/pools in Season 21.
  • Braytech Osprey (void high-impact rocket) and Loaded Question (arc high-impact fusion rifle) will be entering the Nightfall rotation.
  • Positive Outlook (void precision autorifle) will be the strikes ritual weapon.
  • An new strand linear fusion rifle will be the gambit ritual weapon.
  • Randy's Throwing Knife (kinetic rapid-fire scout) will be the crucible ritual weapon.
  • A new arc glaive, and The Messenger (kinetic high-impact pulse) will enter the Trials Adept rotation.
  • A new strand fusion rifle, and Swarm of the Raven (void rapid-fire heavy grenade launcher) will enter the Iron Banner pool.
  • A new arc sniper rifle will become the competitive playlist weapon.


  • They're now uploading all cutscenes from previous seasons and expansion to their YouTube, starting with Season 15 - 19 (including Witch Queen).
  • They're planning on adding one or two more seasons every few months.
  • They do not allow anyone else other than their official channel to upload cutscenes in their entirety, with no editing. NOTE: this heavily implies you might be struck or penalized in YouTube if you do this, be warned!

New Prime Gaming Rewards

  • Claim them on Twitch using this link, then claim them in-game from Rahool.
  • Preview of the cosmetics (featuring the first ever entirely new shader for a prime rewards drop): prime gaming rewards


  • Players who successfully completed Root of Nightmares prior to March 21 reset have until April 30th to order the raid jacket
  • They're tracking an issue with the War Table where an extra upgrade than needed can drop, leaving the upgrade menu to persistently flash.


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