TWAB - 03/16/2023

Guardian Ranks, Trials, and Iron Banner


Guardian Rank Commendation Tweaks

  • The objectives in Guardian ranks that require commendations have been nerfed. The new values are:
    • Rank 7: 750 -> 469
    • Rank 8: 1250 -> 790
    • Rank 9: 1750 -> 1290
    • Rank 10: 5000 -> 1530
    • Rank 11: 6000 -> 1800
  • They're not done making tweaks to Commendations and Guardian Ranks, more updates will be coming soon
    • One teased change is moving the Lost Sector objectives to higher ranks.

Trials on Friday

  • Fireteam Matchmaking is now enabled in Trials, so the Freelance node is gone. They're confident in Freteam Matchmaking's improvement to the matchmaking experience for groups and solos.
  • The Immortal is a new Trials weapon this season, a 750 RPM Strand SMG. Find its rolls here
  • Reminder that Trials engrams now use the same "on-vendor" system that the war table and ritual vendors use.

Iron Banner Next Week

  • They're taking a break from creating new modes for Iron Banner, so this season each of the Iron Banner modes will be available, one for each week.
    • Next week will be Iron Banner Control (the original Iron Banner activity)
    • Week 6 will be Eruption
    • Week 9 will be Fortress
  • Legacy weapons rotated in to the loot pool this season:


  • They posted an interview with the team that won the RoN day 1 race! Check it out here
  • They also posted a video where developers discus the concept art that went into making Lightfall, check that out here
  • The new exotic quest/mission //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// was released last week, dropping the Vexcalibur glaive.


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