TWAB - 02/02/2023

More explicit details on the new exotics, 24 hour Lightfall maintenance


Lightfall exotic details

  • Final Warning: Hold down the trigger of this Kinetic slot Strand Sidearm to mark targets within range and load a burst of bullets. When hip firing, projectiles track aggressively toward marked targets.
  • Deterministic Chaos: While holding the trigger, every fourth bullet of this Void Machine Gun becomes a heavy projectile that weakens targets on impact. Every fourth heavy projectile makes targets volatile on impact.
  • Winterbite: This Heavy slot Exotic Stasis Glaive fires a large ball of energy that locks onto nearby targets and freezes them.
  • Cyrtarachne’s Façade: After grappling, this Exotic helmet gives extra protection as Hunters gain body armor (only body, head still vulnerable) and flinch resistance.
  • Abeyant Leap: When Titans use their Barricade, it gives extra armor to its wielder and spawns two additional seeking projectiles that track targets aggressively and suspend them.
  • Swarmers: This new Exotic leg armor allows Warlocks to create Threadlings to infest and attack enemies after destroying a tangle.


  • Blues are now dropping as purples instead for the rest of the season, as was announced on Twitter this week (the tweet)
  • Destiny 2 will go down for 24 hour maintenance before Lightfall launches, from 9AM PST 2/27 to 9AM PST 2/28
  • This is the last week of Iron Banner of the season, and rep gains have been boosted as was previously announced.
  • Bungie has sent out an email poll for next week's Trials map, the options are:
    • The Fortress
    • Twilight Gap
    • Radiant Cliffs


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