Lightfall ViDoc: As Light Falls

Lots to find out if you look really close.


NOTE: We generally don't cover story details, and a significant portion of the discussion in this ViDoc was devoted to the Lightfall story, themes, and vibes. There's also a large amount of gameplay that's cool to see, but doesn't actually introduce anything we didn't know before. If you're interested in these things check out the ViDoc. We've summarized the rest, and looked at all the gameplay clips for new changes, below.


  • Strand
    • Reiterating the abilities that were shown in the Strand trailer / blog post already (link to our summary here).
  • Tormentors
    • They want them to be "the most scary units we've ever fought in the Destiny universe"
    • Has command over "void energy"
    • Can grab you, puts player in its hands with void energy, explodes in its palm.
  • New Exotics
    • Reiterating what was shown in the Exotics trailer already (link to that here).
  • Buildcrafting
    • They want to make it easier to go from "I've never done buildcrafting" to "I'm really engaged with this system"
  • Guardian Ranks
    • Their answer to "what should I be doing in Destiny if I want to get better?"
  • Commendations
    • Finally can say "thank you" to players you play with.
  • Destiny is far from over.

Pixel Peeping


  • New Strand(?) finisher (1:30)
  • Strand concept art (3:23)
  • Warlock super doesn't appear to have much more spread than a blade barrage (5:16)
  • Grappling onto a sparrow (5:39) or a thresher (5:26) works completely fine, momentum matches the grappled object very fast, and the grapple doesn't seem to break except to time or the player releasing it.
  • The gameplay at 5:40 has the player using Thread of Ascent, where their weapons are reloaded and they get bonus handling and airborne effectiveness for a short time.
  • The grapple melee can be used during or a short time after grappling, and create a large AOE immediately in front of the player. (5:43, 5:45)
  • Grappling an enemy can flinch them (5:48)
  • You can grapple while holding a tangle (8:27)
  • Tangles have a cooldown, the highest timer for the cooldown we were shown is 11 seconds (13:13)
  • When an unraveled enemy dies, they spawn 3 unravel projectiles. Shooting an enemy for a short time spawns 1 unravel projectile. The projectiles act sort of like SIVA Nanites, targeting another enemy and attacking them, giving them unravel. (5:56)
  • There is a brief clip where an unravel projectile appears to come from the player themselves (5:57). This is likely either a perk on the strand SMG they're using, or the projectile came from behind the player.


  • Some kind of Tormentor void slam attack is shown off (9:59).
  • Tormentors can grab you (10:06)
    • Throws scythe out to grab you.
    • Holds you in a single hand with void energy.
    • Explodes after a short duration.


  • One of the lost sectors will be an arcade called Thrilladrome, containing vex enemies (7:32)
    • The arcade cabinets are potentially interactable, letting the player emote appropriately for the cabinet. Or the footage was of the players manually emoting at the right spot. (7:43)
  • Pouka pond pouka pond (7:49)
  • There's a unique spawn animation for somewhere in Neomuna, unclear what exactly this is for, potentially the first load in to the destination (7:57)
  • There's a tank somewhere on Neomuna (1:24)
  • Some sort of location where Osiris is setup shown at 11:28

Season of Defiance

  • Takes place largely on Earth, specifically looks like the EDZ (11:02)
  • There's brief footage showing a hoard of Cabal being killed around a small Cabal installation in the Sunken Isles on the EDZ (11:10)
  • Some kind of pyramid structure is shown in the Winding Cove on the EDZ (11:24)

New Perks:

  • Three new perks shown.
  • All three can be seen on the weapons on the left at 13:46.
  • The perk in the 4th column of the shotgun has the volatile icon in it, so will likely feature volatile functionality somehow.
    • Backing this up, the shotgun it is shown on is void (1:19) (13:46)
  • The perk in the 4th column of the LMG is named "Hatchling", seen briefly at 13:48 at the bottom right of the screen.
    • The style of the icon looks very strand, so this is likely a new strand perk. This would also mean the LMG is strand.

New Legendary Weapons:

  • Season of Defiance
    • Kinetic slot adaptive AR (13:40)
    • Arc lightweight GL (13:40)
      • Can roll Shot Swap / Volt Shot.
      • Must be arc because it has jolt shot
    • Solar adaptive sword (13:40)
      • Can roll Tireless Blade / Incandescent
      • Must be solar because it has incandescent
  • Lightfall
    • Void rapid fire shotgun (13:41) (1:19)
    • Adaptive LMG (13:41)
      • If the 4th column perk is strand related, this will be strand.
      • 3rd perk is off-hand strike
      • There is also a strand LMG seen in a player's weapons loadout at 13:13, likely the same gun.
    • Arc fusion rifle (12:22)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Stasis Heavy GL shown in player's weapons loadout at 5:39
      • Could be the Stasis Heavy Wave-frame GL from Lightfall shown in the Game Awards trailer
    • Strand HC shown in player's weapons loadout at 12:28
    • Strand SMG shown in player's weapons loadout at 5:39


  • New Titan helmet shown at 11:28 looks exotic, likely an exotic ornament.
  • Some pulse or auto rifle is shown at 11:32, but is too zoomed in to identify as new or previously known/added. Might also be an ornament.
  • A Stasis bow is shown at 11:33
    • At 14:32 in the Guardian Ranks objectives, an exotic bow "Verglas Curve..." is referenced in the "Season of Defiance" category. This likely means the stasis bow is the season pass exotic for Season of Defiance.
  • Final Warning (strand exotic sidearm) (13:13)
    • Buff "All at Once", charge-based (like Manticore) with 4 possible stacks.
    • The gun can be charged (likely by holding the fire button, like Devil's Ruin)
    • While being charged, the gun locks on to enemies, like Ticuu's Divination.
    • Once the charge is released, all stacks of the perk are consumed, and bullets are released that home onto targeted enemies.


  • Some mods are shown to be color coded (13:40).This almost certainly applies specifically to armor charge mods, and correlates with their functionality:
    • Mods that consume charge instantaneously are yellow, with three little triangles pointing down below the icon.
      • Matches with Melee Kickstart (14:06)
    • Mods that consume charge over time are blue, with three small dots below the icon.
      • Matches with Font of Agility/Vigor and Void Weapon Surge (14:06, 14:11)
    • Mods that grant charge are green, with three little triangles pointing up below the icon.
      • Matches with Powerful Friends and Radiant Light (13:40), as well as Stacks on Stacks (14:11)
  • Powerful Friends, Radiant Light, Charged Up, Utility Kickstart, and One-Two Finisher are shown to be returning in some form (13:40)
  • All stat mod costs are the same except for Intellect mods, which have been changed to 2/4 for small/large boost costs.
  • Font of Vigor (3 cost) (14:06)
    • You gain a bonus to strength while you have any Armor Charge. Your Armor Charge now decays over time. Can stack with copies.
  • Melee Kickstart (3 cost) (14:06)
    • When your melee energy is fully expended, you gain melee energy. Additionally, your Armor Charge is consumed and you gain additional melee energy for each stack. Can stack with copies.
  • Font of Agility (3 cost) (14:11)
    • You gain a bonus to mobility while you have any Armor Charge. Your Armor Charge now decays over time. Can stack with copies.
  • Stacks on Stacks (4 cost) (14:11)
    • Picking up an Orb of Power grants you 1 additional stack of Armor Charge. Does not stack with copies.
    • Note: this wording means it will only affect the stacks gained from orbs, not other potential sources of charges. Also no longer reduces recovery stat.
  • Void Weapon Surge (3 cost) (14:11)
    • Your Void weapons gain a small bonus to damage while you have any Armor Charge. Your Armor Charge now decays over time. Can stack with copies.
  • There are icons for each of the elements (including kinetic) next to Void Weapon Surge, so these all are likely the reported "Font of Might" replacement. (14:11)
  • Next to some of the collections of mods that affect weapons by their element, there's a new icon that looks like two teardrops swirling around eachother (similar to yin and yang). These mods cost less than the specific element mods of the same type. (14:11)
    • This symbol likely indicates the mod will buff "weapons whose element match your subclass", meaning this is a cheaper mod option if you choose to match weapons and subclass.
  • Mod names shown without knowing what they do (13:45):
    • Kinetic Targeting, Kinetic Siphon
      • Seems element type mods will be replacing weapon-type mods for these mod types at least.
    • Special Ammo Scout
      • Could be a new form of ammo finder
    • Proximity Ward
      • Icon matches the current mod "Bulwark Finisher", likely generates an overshield on finisher.


  • Loadouts can be previewed (in a pop-out menu on the right of the screen), and overwritten with the currently equipped loadout (13:40).


  • Champion types are now shown to the left of the character, with some types lit up blue, and others gray (14:06).
    • This could be to show what kinds of champions the player can stun, with currently equipped subclass, weapons, and/or artifact perks.
  • Guardian Ranks are shown below power level and above stats. (14:06)
  • Stasis has been moved to the subclass menu previously reserved for "light" subclasses, strand will be placed there too if not in use. (13:40)

Mod Customization Screen

  • Shows currently equipped subclass, all armor, their mod charge usage out of their total capacity, all the equipped mods, the same champion type indicators from the inventory screen, and current total stats. (14:07).
  • Can mouse over any of the mods in the screen to see what they do (14:07).
  • Can click on a specific piece of armor to quickly modify its charge capacity or any of the mods attached to the armor (14:09).

Journey Page (14:23)

  • New page replacing "triumphs" in the menu
  • Has the total of all commendations a player has received, as well as the distribution of what "kind" of commendations they've received.
  • Has two buttons that show the currently equipped title, and the current season's triumphs category. These buttons likely lead to submenus that show your titles and your triumphs, respectively (given that the Journey page replaces the Triumphs page).
  • Has a link to seasonal challenges.
  • Has potentially 6 spaces for tracking "objectives", that seem separate from tracking Guardian Rank objectives, likely for tracking triumphs or seasonal challenges given where the spaces are positioned.
  • Also has a space for tracking at least 3 guardian rank objectives.

Guardian Ranks

  • There are 11 total Guardian Ranks (14:22)
  • Rank 6 is called Veteran. (14:22)
  • Rank 7 is called Elite (14:23)
  • Rank 7 is considered an "advanced rank". These ranks are refreshed every season, and are meant to show mastery of new mechanics and challenges. (14:23)
  • Some example guardian rank objectives and their categories, from the Rank 7 screen (14:31):
    • Lightfall (3 total)
      • Complete the Lightfall Campaign
      • Increase your vendor reputation with Nimbus in...
      • Complete the weekly Lightfall campaign mission in...
    • Season of Defiance (6 total)
      • Increase your Season Rank...
      • Complete Seasonal Challenges from the current...
      • Increase your reputation level with the War Table...
      • Purchase upgrades from the War Table...
      • Defeat targets with the Exotic bow Verglas Curve...
      • Increase your reputation with the Vanguard Ops,...
    • Seasonal Artifact (3 total)
      • ...onal Artifact...
      • Activate perks from your Seasonal Artifact...
      • Increase your Power bonus from the Seasonal...
    • Nightfall (2 total)
      • Complete Nightfalls while using a... (seems to reward an emblem or something)
      • Complete Nightfalls and earn Platinum Rewards...
    • Champions (3 total)
      • Stun Unstoppable Champions
      • Stun Barrier Champions
      • Stun Overload Champions...
    • Commendations (2 total)
    • Lost Sectors (2 total)
    • Power (2 total)

Commendations / New Post-Activity Screen (14:42).

  • All players from the previous activity are shown, you can commend anyone that isn't you.
  • Commendations have a type, and description for the reason for the commendation.
  • It mentions as you commend someone that you have recently commended them already.
  • Players light up whenever anyone commends them, and it shows what kind of commendation they have received.


  • Guardian ranks next to a player's name badge in game are round now (5:39).


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