Lightfall Early Access Collection

Info gathered from various creators who were invited to an early Lightfall preview event.


Bungie ran an early access event for creators, and videos covering what they talked about there are starting to come out. As more creators release this info and footage, we'll add any info we've not seen before into this article, and reference which creator mentioned the info. All links to these videos we used are at the bottom of the article.


  • About the same size as Europa and The Throne World (Kackis, GameSpot)
  • Classic 3 zone layout. (Kackis)
  • There will be a social zone in addition, with Neomuna citizens milling about. (Kackis)
    • Called Strider's Gate (GameSpot)
    • Contains a Vault and Postmaster (GameSpot)
  • Neomuna Civil News
    • Radio report that comes on while you explore the destination (GameSpot)
  • Neomuna enemies had red swords, indicating overleveled. According to Bungie, this is due to the "power differential cap" system they mentioned. (Kackis)
  • There will be a new "Public Activity" on the destination, will be harder than normal public events, supposed to be played with 6 people. (Kackis)
    • Gives "Escalation Protocol" vibes, but Bungie never made that connection. (Kackis)
    • Bungie emphasized how it will be intense (Kackis)
  • Nimbus will be the main vendor for Neomuna. (Kackis)
  • Neomuna is full of Strand grapple points you can use to swing around, which refund your grenade (grapple) energy. (GameSpot).

Season of Defiance

  • Devrim leaves the church! (Kackis)


  • Strand will be a more complete package on launch than Stasis was. (Kackis)
    • Strand will come with strand weapons (4-5 legendary weapons) (Kackis)
  • There will be enemies with Strand shields, including some of the dark cabal on Neomuna. These shields take additional damage from Strand weapons/abilities (as per the new shield element effectiveness system). (Kackis, GameSpot)
  • Strand acquisition will be simplified vs Stasis. (Kackis, GameSpot)
    • Most of Strand will be up and running by finishing the campaign. (Kackis)
    • Playing through the campaign will likely be key to unlocking Strand. (Kackis)
    • Unlocking Strand will be closer to unlocking the Light subclasses (from a new player experience). (Kackis)
    • Unlocking grenades will carry over throughout all your characters. (Kackis)
  • Strand Empowerment/Pillar
    • A floating strand weave in the world (Kackis, GameSpot)
    • Will fully recharge your abilities, may also give you better ability regen on top. (Kackis)
    • These will be present through the campaign, gives you access to full subclass temporarily. (Kackis, GameSpot)

New Combatants

  • Shadow Legion
    • Have powers that normal cabal don't have. (Kackis)
    • Darkness shield generators attached to enemies, where on kill the generator drops to the floor and does something. (Kackis)
  • Tormentors
    • Bungie seems pretty proud of them. (Kackis)
    • Used sparingly through the campaign, but when they arrive they're a big deal. (Kackis)


  • Can be swapped in the middle of an activity, except for activities that are locked loadout. (Kackis, GameSpot)
  • If you have a loadout, but certain items in the loadout are in your vault, it will withdraw those items from your vault and equip them (unless your inventory is completely full in that slot). (Kackis, GameSpot)
  • It can't put items back into your vault. (Kackis, GameSpot)
    • If issues with filling up inventory quickly by frequently switching loadouts, Bungie will listen to player feedback on how this works. (GameSpot)

Mod Screen

  • Displays all currently equipped armor, mods, and subclass. Easy way to quickly show off a build in a single image. (Kackis, GameSpot)
  • Also a mod manager for weapons, shows all equipped weapons, all current perks and mods, catalysts and masterworks. (Kackis)


  • Kackis asked Bungie if "they plan on adding more armor mods in the future", Bungie says it's "definitely something they're thinking about, but they mainly answer to that the seasonal artifact will provide a lot of more interesting new mods [should be effects/perks] to differentiate gameplay" (Kackis)
    • NOTE: This is an interesting question he asked, as I had assumed Bungie would inevitably add more armor mods, but seems like they might be hoping the artifact will carry that weight for now.

Artifice Armor

  • The +3 stat mod on Artifice armor will be free, 0 cost. (Kackis)

New Weapons

Neomuna Weapons

  • Kinetic slot Sniper rifle (Kackis)
  • Kinetic slot SMG (Kackis)
  • Kinetic slot Hand cannon (Kackis)
  • Energy slot Fusion rifle (Kackis)
  • Energy slot pulse rifle(?) (Kackis)
  • Void rapid-fire Shotgun "Basso Ostinato" (Kackis)
    • New perk: "Envious Assassin"
    • New perk: "Destabilizing Rounds"
  • Strand adaptive LMG "Circular Logic" (Kackis)
    • Rolls Offhand Strike / Hatchling (likely a new Strand perk).
    • Origin trait "Nanotech Tracer Rockets"
  • Heavy GL (Kackis)

Seasonal Weapons

  • Kinetic slot Bow (Kackis)
  • Kinetic slot Auto rifle (Kackis)
  • Energy slot Special GL (Kackis)
  • Energy slot Fusion rifle (Kackis)
  • Heavy GL (Kackis)
  • Sword (Kackis)

Guardian Ranks

  • Ranks 1-6 will be universal, objectives will be core activities, veteran players will probably start at rank 6 (Kackis)
  • Rank 7-11 will be temporary, will reset every season, those ranks will ask players to do the new dungeon, raid, or other things. (Kackis)
    • It is "fairly easy" to get back up to your previous rank when ranks are reset. (GameSpot)
    • Old ranks are also saved for posterity (GameSpot)
  • Rank 10 will have a power level requirement (Kackis)
  • Many Guardian Rank objectives are designed to work in tandem with other objectives, to do multiple things at once. (GameSpot)
  • Journey page replaces Triumphs page, still includes triumphs and titles, now also includes Guardian Ranks. (GameSpot)


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