Enhancing Weapon Crafting

Mostly repeating what has been known already, but there are some valuable clarifications here.


Deepsight's New Insights

  • Red border weapons currently drop too frequently for weapons with no pattern, killing any excitement for red borders. The same for receiving a red border of a weapon that you've already completed.
  • In Lightfall:
    • Deepsight weapons will only drop for weapons that have a pattern to complete, not for weapons that have no pattern, or a pattern the player has already completed.
    • Deepsight weapon objectives will no longer exist. When you get a deepsight weapon, you will have two choices: dismantle it and get pattern progress, or use the deepsight mod slot immediately, for free, to claim the pattern progress while keeping the weapon.

Resonant Elements & Alloys

  • Resonant Elements are used infrequently, the cap can be bypassed by hoarding weapons, hardcore players have endless resources while casual players have none, and the elements are not integrated at all into the larger destiny currency economy.
  • In Lightfall, Resonant Elements will be removed completely.
  • The Relic Tether (the thing in your inventory that tells you how many elements you have) will also be removed.
  • Resonant, Harmonic, Ascendant alloys will not see any changes at Lightfall's launch, but they do have plans to remove Resonant and Harmonic alloys specifically in the following seasons.
  • No significant changes planned for Ascendant alloys.

Activate, Enhance, Level Up

  • They are adding three new crafting features during the Lightfall year (NOTE: means not at launch)
  • Deepsight activation (aka "manual deepsight")
    • You will be able to apply deepsight to a weapon that has a pattern available to unlock.
    • A weapon can't have deepsight more than once (no double activations, no activating a weapon that dropped as deepsight).
    • This ability will be tightly controlled, there will be variation in cost of the weapon (raid weapons will require more currencies than a seasonal weapon, for example)
    • Target release is Season 21.

Raid Adept weapon enhancing

  • They want to allow non-crafted weapons to have access to all the features of crafted weapons (minus picking the perks), without increasing the amount of Deepsight that must be acquired.
  • They're introducing a weapon enhancing feature to a limited number of weapons, starting with the adept weapons from the Master Lightfall raid (non-adept base raid weapons will remain crafted)
  • This will be introduced a few weeks after the Lightfall Master raid release. You can enhance adept weapon acquired from this raid before the feature is released, but not adept weapons from other raids.
  • This feature will let you apply enhanced traits, a level, and a memento socket to weapons that work with the feature. It will consume standard currencies (and spoils for raid weapons), and will be applied through a new tiered weapon mod.
  • Once a weapon is enhanced, you can modify a couple limited aspects of the weapon at the crafting relic.
  • For this limited rollout, enhancing has three tiers:
    • Tier 1:
      • Replaces the existing masterwork,, grants an enhanced intrinsic, weapon level, "first enhanced" timestamp, and a memento socket.
      • For raid adepts only: allows full selection of barrel and magazine perks (these perks are individually gated by level)
      • The cost of the weapon enhancing tier 1 will vary based on the masterwork tier being replaced. Enhancing a masterwork 10 weapon will be much cheaper than a masterwork 1 weapon.
    • Tier 2:
      • Requires weapon level 11. Allows enhancing of the left column trait perk.
    • Tier 3:
      • Requires weapon level 17. Allows enhancing of the right column trait perk.

Weapon level boosting

  • A new weapon mod will be added that will increase the level of a crafted or enhanced weapon for the cost of standard currencies.
  • This will not initially be positioned as the only method for leveling up a weapon, but it may be a convenient method for unlocking early perk choices, and an outlet for stockpiled currencies.
  • This behavior is looking to be added sometime after Season 21.


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